THIS WEEK WAS FABULOUS lemme tell you…

OK SO MY NEW COMPANION IS SISTER MALPICA, A.K.A Sista Bad Spice (for all y’all that don’t speak Spanish) BUT YA we served around each other and did exchanges and all that JAZZ when I was in Fre$no. We honestly always knew we would be companions one day!!! We just always got along SUPER well (she laughs at all my jokes) BUT YA the Lord knows whats up bc we gonna WRECK LOS BANOS!!!!!!!
2 of our investigators went to GIRLS CAMP this morning BRIGHT and EARLY @ 4:50 in the morning lol #dedication!!!! As we were helping them prepare it brought back SO MANY MEMORIES!!!! Just wanna take the time to FORMALLY apologize to anyone that knew me at grills camp bc I HAD SUCH A BAD ATTITUDE!!!! Thank goodness for change!!!!
We taught Barbara this week and she has been pretty sick- we just didn’t realize how sick- BUT we were in the middle of sharing a video and she PASSED OUT!!! I HAD NO IDEA WHAT TO DO!!!!! Her son was in there and he was just like “Mom wake up” and the video is still playing and I’m just like “Did I just see someone die?” BUT She came thru and apparently that happens ALL the time. Talk about CRAZY!!!!!!
We went to go teach some investigators in a trailer park-what else is new tho?!? AND WE SAW SOMEONE get arrested!!!! There were like 3 cop cars and we were just standing there like” wut do we do” SO ya that was fun!!!!!
IT WAS A FULL and EVENTFULL week! What was even more awesome was to teach repentance! There is rly nothing better than a mission!!!! If you can’t decide…JUST GO!!!! Everything else will fall into place. Put the Lord first and heed his call!!!

Hermana Whitney



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