“If ye have a desire to serve God ye are called to work” D&C 4:3

I never really planned on serving a mission, but I was also never against the idea either. My freshman year at BYU, beginning of winter semester to be exact, the revelation became to clear to ignore (no matter how nervous that made me lol). Although the prompting is what pushed me to open my papers, I have realized that throughout the course of my life I’ve had many great examples of missionaries. Both my parents, very close friends, relatives, and other pals have all subtly influenced this decision, I’m sure of it.

The prompting came on a Sunday- I tagged along to a temple preparation class, required for all future missionaries, just because some of my friends were going.  The lesson was over the Plan of Salvation. As we discussed the lesson I reflected on how amazing God’s plan really was, and how grateful I am that I have the opportunity to be with my fam forever. At that moment I had the clearest impression: EVERYONE deserves at least the chance to know his plan and his gospel. And that is when I knew. I NEEDED to go on a mission. I needed to spread this message with God’s other children who weren’t as lucky to be born with this knowledge, or with those who have lost their way, or anyone LITERALLY ANYONE.

Fast forward through a freaking LONG waiting process and a mix up with my medical papers that only made it longer, I FINALLY received my call. I had to go ALL DAY with out opening it. But finally the time came. I was surrounded by all my loved ones physically there, through phone calls, and the internet. I stood there call in my hand and finally opened it.


I was immediately overcome with a feeling of peace and comfort. Fresno already has a special place in my heart and it’s crazy how much love I can already feel for the people there (Like what the heck I don’t even know them????) I know my call is divine- every call is. Whether your call is to serve a full time mission, or not- it is divine. Do not take it for granted. Find purpose in your call and put your whole heart into it, because at the end of the day thats all He asks of you.

I cant WAIT to serve. Time is passing SO dang slow and all I wanna do is hop on a plane to Mexico and shout this message of peace and love from the rooftops!!!!

I still have some time (like 47 days but who’s really counting) before I report but I just want all y’all to know how amazing this gospel is. I’m just an average  18 year old girl that drinks too much caffeine, wastes too much time on Netflix, and listens to music WAY too loud. I am in no way qualified to serve a mission, but he doest call the qualified, he QUALIFIES the called. I have the desire. I am ready to work. And I know that Christ and I can make a great team down in the Fresno Fresh Mission.

With love and lots of excitement,

(Soon to be) Hermana Whitney 😉