Sorry to disappoint, but I will probably not EVER come home. I am just having too much fun! So, this week was AMAZING!!! We had a baptism for Nathaniel Naranjo. It was the sweetest and cutest baptism EVER! So Nathaniel is 9 years old, and he is actually the first investigator that I have been able to teach ALL the lessons all the way through and help to prepare for baptism. His desire to know about the gospel has totally sparked something in his mom, and she is returning to the church FULL FORCE! But ya I am just obsessed with them… It’s fine!!!!!!!!
So The baptism itself went really well, except we didn’t have a key to unlock the font SO we got a late start ahahh and just gave the opening talks while the font was filling up!!! Hey it’s all good, whatever works! His grandpa, who is in our ward, baptized him and I just felt the spirit SO STRONG! So of course, that strange thing happened where my eyes started leaking again!!!!! Ugh it’s great, Nathaniel is worth it:) On Sunday He came to church BLINGED OUT. He had a CTR ring AND necklace. And his own personalized SCRIPTURES!!! SO special. In his confirmation, it talked about how he will go on a mission and bring people to Christ and IT JUST HIT ME… Nathaniel and his family are the reason I am here.I have been in an English area (instead of a Spanish area) for the past two transfers trying to figure it out, but I think I found it! 🙂
So ya Gr8 week, and thanks so much for all the love and prayers!

Hermana Whitney

Don’t mind my Chukie smile lol!!!!!

FRESNO EAST ZONE. New directive from missionary headquarters is to have President’s interviews one each transfer instead of once a quarter 

Happy Valentines Day<3

Hey Fanz!!! Another FAB week here in the gr8 CFM. WOW where do I even start about this week??? So we had President Interviews and those are ALWAYS lit, so that was fun. President Clark told me that I was a rly good teacher which was nice to hear bc most of the time I just feel like I have no idea what the heck I am even doing hahah. Speaking of teaching- WE HAVE BEEN TEACHING KIDZ ON KIDZ ON KIDZ!!! It is so crazy. It has been really cool to teach such a diverse age of investigators because you HAVE to learn to rely on the spirit rather than just starting out every lesson the same. ALSO Nathaniel Naranjo is getting baptized this Saturday. He is 9 years old and just about the cutest kid on the planet! His grandpa is a Ward missionary in our ward and I just basically love that entire family!! We had such a cool lesson about temples this week. So we brought a picture of the salt lake temple and then some butcher paper and markers and asked him to draw a temple in 1 corner. Then we talked about why we have temples and what we do inside them. Next, we asked him to draw a little pathway w/ 5 lines in it. Those 5 things were things he could do today to start preparing to go to the temple- starting with Baptism! In his closing prayer he said “I would really like to go through the temple Father, please help me get there”. SO CUTE!! He even said he wanted to serve a mission!! I may or may not have shed a couple tears …
My other miracle of the week was the SOWARDS family. So James Sowards father is a convert to the church of a few years and lives in WA. He called our bishop a while ago and said “My son is ready for the missionaries, send them over”. Pretty cool right?!?! So we go over a couple times and no one was ever around. I was pretty faithless and thought they were dodging us but I had a feeling to stop by again this week AND THERE HE WAS!!! He welcomed us in and we gave the 1st lesson and he accepted the baptismal invitation AND GUESS WHAT HE HAD ALREADY BEEN READING THE BOM HIS DAD SENT HIM!!!! I seriously just feel so stinking blessed y’all. I have never been happier in my ENTIRE life. I love my mission. I love the gospel. I love Fresno. AND I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!!!! So basically lyfe is pretty darn good. THANK you for all of your prayers and emails, and packages- it seriously MAKES my day! I can feel the LOVE.

Speaking of Happy Valentines Day;)

Hermana Whitney

No group email from Hermana Whitney this week :(


Glad we got this one little pic this week.

When asked why she hasn’t been sending pics lately she replied  ” I promise it’s not bc I am getting Fat, I just nvr bring my camera anywhere”. Okay then.

She spent the day deep cleaning her apartment and didn’t have much time for email this week.  She also said she makes her bed every day. What what?!?