President Russel M. Nelson of the  Quorum of the 12  came  and spoke to the mish! NBD! Just an apostle of the LORD! I SHOOK HIS HAND! It was awesome. KINDA a big deal!! He did a Q and A session AND one thing he talked about was FAMILY HISTORY. AND if you READ my emails I did a soap box on that last week SO IT MUST BE PRETTY DARN IMPORTANT!!!! IT was basically just the best day of my lyfe NBD!!!

Also The Brethren changed the Missionary Schedule and we have more freedom to move around our studies! And MORE TIME ON PREPARATION DAY HOLLA!!! So- you’ll be hearing from me more #beblessed !!! AIGHT I gotta go, but I LOVE YOU ALL AND I PROMISE I’LL WRITE MORE AND SEND PICS NEXT WEEK. OH WAIT – I am NOT being transfered and will have another 6 weeks to baptize and party it up in the DAKOTA ward 🤘💸

Hermana Whitney



HOLA franz!!!

So this week has been good and bad!!! I’ll start with the Bad, and end with the Good! So, Angel was supposed to get baptized this Saturday but her date will have to be pushed back. She isn’t ready:(
The GOOD!!  We had interviews with President Clark this week and it was AWESOME! I just love learning from him. He is so inspired. We also got to go to the temple this week WHICH WAS AWESOME! Every time I go to the temple I just feel SO peaceful, it’s the best.
OK so imma get on a soapbox here for a quick sec ok!!! Beware!! This Sunday was ward conference and EVERYTHING was basically centered on Family history work and I just felt the spirit so strong! Family History is SO important and I need to DO IT!! The Stake President invited us all to find 1 NAME and take it to the temple in this year! And I want to extend the same invitation to all of y’all!! Please don’t make excuses- and just DO IT! I know that there are people that are just WAITING to receive these ordinances! So When you do it- EMAIL me and tell me about what a cool experience it was. Because I KNOW it will be:) OK soapbox over.
Anyways, I love y’all and I am so grateful for you. I feel your love and prayers. HAVE A FABULOUS WEEK!!!

OH ALSO BEST NEWS EVER!!! CARLA, one of my converts from Lemoore, emailed me and said her Husband is getting baptized! THE SPIRIT is strong up in here!!! The church is TRUE and the book is BLUE!

Hugs and Handshakes,
Hermana B

Fresno East Zone Conference

Are you married?!?


Another week in the great California Fresno mission!! We had 3 investigators at church this week so that was LIT. They also all have baptismal dates so I am super pumped to see all of them progress!!
So my companion is a Sister Training Leader and we went on 3 EXCHANGES this week- talk about busy week!! It was way fun though. Ok I am gonna be completely honest, one of my favorite parts of missionary work is knocking doors! You just meet the most interesting people! It is such a blast. For example, I was on exchanges with some spanish sisters and we knocked  on a door and this like 60 year old Mexican man opens the door and invites us in but there wasn’t a woman so we stayed on the porch. So we get talking and EVERYTIME we bring up the gospel he just asks us questions about ourselves. He was a total FLIRT!! Come on pal… get your act together!! Like he asked me if I was married, and then just kept telling us how beautiful we were. Haha my favorite part though was that he thought that I was hispanic!! I was like um no??? But he insisted, he asked if I was from Spain or if my mom was from Spain ( SPEAKING OF MY MOM IT IS HER BIRTHDAY TODAY SO LOVE HER FOR ME!!) to which I responded no AGAIN. Anyways, we gave him a bofm, but we will see if that goes anywhere.
ALSO it has been raining like CATS AND DOGS up in here. So shout out to all y’all that have been fasting and praying for Cali to get some rain because WE HAVE AND THE DROUGHT IS NO MO. Well I actually don’t know that officially, but it seems like it!! I guess you could say mormons make it rain;)
I have been studying the doctrine of Christ this week and came across a verse that I really liked. Alma 5:62. That’s my scripture of the week and SINCE you have access to a phone a lot smarter than mine, I suggest you look it up because it extends an awesome invitation!!

Alright I think that is all I got peeps, until next time!!!

Hermana B

Dinner with the Burbidge family. They are in the ward and are friends with the Trasher family… friends of ours back in Texas. Small world!



Sorry for no Email last week- Had to get my companion to Choir practice!! So nothing TOO Crazy from these past couple weeks. We celebrated New Years and were in by 6:00 P.M so that was LIT! I’m pretty sure I just went to bed haha.
We had 4 Investigators come to church  AND ANGEL is solid for baptism!! So that is super exciting!! She is 13 and is LITERALLY just like me, it’s so funny. Her Dad was less active for like Umpteen YEARS and is starting to come back to church as well. SO it’s pretty much AWESOME to be a missionary.
HOLY COW. It has been raining like every day so that is good!!! People feel really bad for us just standing outside in the rain, so they invite us in, it’s awesome!!
We visited some members this week and they showed us this object lesson that went along with our lesson and it was SUPER COOL. So the empty Tea Bag burns down on your hand and JUST before it burns you it like FLOATS up. It is SUPER cool and is just like Faith. The Miracle doesn’t come before the trial of our faith!! So no matter how bleak things seem right now- HAVE FAITH AND KNOW THE BEST IS YET TO COME!

OKAY, Love y’all and hope you have a fab week,
Hermana B


My companion being brave for the object lesson.  Me freaking out