SEPTEMBER 21, 2016

WOOHOO 4 PDAYS!!!!! I got to talk to y’all last friday, and tbh not much has happened since then but I’ll do my best to try and remember haha.

So not to toot my own horn but Im getting PRETTY FREAKING GOOD at volley ball!!!! I play everyday ( since its the only thing hermanas can rly do) with my comp and some elders from our zone and district and stuff, so thats pretty fun!! Also I discovered a new talent… I’m like a hacky sack queen, an elder from my zone has a hacky sack and we play anytime we have free time or in between stuff so ya if anyone is looking to start a hacky olympic team, look no further, I’m ya girl!!
We had some REALLY great devotionals this week. On Sunday we watched broadcasts of addresses given by David A Bednar and Jeffery R. Holland.
I love all the apostles obviously, but I’m not gonna lie, when those two speak it FEELS like they are speaking to me, no matter the topic. I’ve actually been studying alot on Chirstlike attributes in my personal study and they both talked a little bit on Chritslike Character which is pretty awesome!!
As for the Spanish, honestly it’s coming along really well!!! I can teach all my lessons, carry on convos, and I understand MUCH more than I can say (S/O to duo lingo lol) but ya I know how to say “flex” so i think I’m pretty much set haha.
OH YA I LEAVE TO CALI in 7 days!!! Can y’all believe my 6 weeks are almost up??? Me either, it went by REALLY fast !!! But I’M SO PUMPED to head out to fresno and teach my hermanos y hermanas out there!! Also excited for American food again not gonna lie!! Actually funny story of the week. So we have a tienda here that sells snacks right, and every week I get 120 pesos to spend there on whatever SO yesterday I go and I’M SO PUMPED to buy snacks bc all I eat at the “meals” is toast, so I’M haulin and I grab like loads of stuff that I could snack on for my last week and I go to check out and the cashier was like “OH lots of food, are you having a party?” I laughed and was like “nah just for me lol” so THAT was a lil awk but THEN even worse I found out that they dont give you pesos your last week in the MTC SO I had to return my glorious snacks one by one ūüė¶ But Its all good in the hood, just funny!!
Oh ya also I ran into Jake Lowry from Texas!!! He was in my ward at home and was also my date to a mormon prom so that was fun haha!!! It’s always nice to see a fimiliar face here.
Oh this is my districts last Sunday here so in sacrament meeting we are gonna sing “Come unto Christ” IF U HAVE NOT HEARED THIS SONG LOOK IT UP!! I get chillz EVERY TIME I sing it (and we all know I don’t sing very well, so it must be the spirit ūüėČ
And lets see, I am also basically karate kid. No big deal but I’ve had lots of practice killing mosquitoes and I’m to the point where I can just do it with 1 hand. In 1 try. ¬† Mosquitoes fear me. Haha Jk but really though my hand eye coordination is through the roof right now!!!
Stay Classy
‚̧ Hermana Whitney
Fav foto w’ my comps cool Polaroid
Peace out CCM and Cali here I come. Fun filters from my camera haha
Just trying 2 take a casual mirror pic and hermana gough be creeping

unnamed-1Me and the squad getting ready to win another point  #STATE



SEPTEMBER 16, 2016

HOLLA party ppl!!! Its been a super week and I’M SO PUMPED to be on the emails again, so lets get this party started!!!!!

So this week has been pretty great, WE HAD 3 DEVOS ( broadcasts from the Provo MTC) with member of the 12. Quentin L. Cook, M. Russell Ballard, and D Todd Christofferson. THEY WERE SO GOOD. This gospel really is amazing y’all, and there is NOTHING in the world I’d rather be doing!!!!

My companion got sick this week, so we got to visit the infirmary for the 1st time. It was fun to see the place , but I hope we never have to go back!!!!! I also got a really bad cold this week and sounded like some sorta rapper or somthin but SHOUT OUT to my mom for packing me some essential oils and thx to lots of prayers, I was back on my feet in a couple of days. All thats left is a lil cough, BUT all is good in the HOOD!!

After I emailed ¬†y’all last PDAY my and the comp just played outside all day, or til 6:30 bc thats when Pday ends, but it was way fun!!! I balled it up, just lightning of course bc I’m an hermana, we also played Volleyball w/ some peeps in our zone so that was LIT. I’M GETTING SO MUCH BETTER AT VOLLEYBALL IT’S AWESOME!!! Me and the comp play like everyday during gym time, also hacky sack!!! In fact I’m getting so beast I probs need my fam to send me some kneepads!! We play on a sand court and I dove and TOTALLY wrecked my knees… Like blood everywhere YEET!!!! Good thing no one can see my knees, bless up for calf length skirts and dresses amirite!!!!!

SO I¬†have officially been out for 1 month and MY cute parents surprised me w/ a package I WAS SO HAPPY!!!! They are the best! It was nice to have some other food besides toast to munch on!! I’m not gonna lie to y’all, I have started scooping extra peanut butter and nutella on my plate and eating by the spoonful as a side when I finish my toast… Lets say I’m excited to get back to the states and eat recognizable foods!!!!

Sunday was 9/11 so My comp and I matched RED WHITE AND BLUE!!! Sacrament meeting was SUPER GOOD. My branch pres. talked about D&C 121 and how we choose to face adversity. In this section Joseph Smith is really struggling and says “Oh God where art thou” And ” How long must I endure this…” and The Lord replies in verses 7-9 and says

7 “My son, peace be unto thy soul; thine adversity and thine afflictions shall be but a small moment;
8 And then if thou endure it well, God shall exalt thee on high; though shalt triumph over all thy foes.
9 Thy friends do stand by thee, and they shall hail thee again with warm hearts and friendly hands.”

I love these verses, and I haven’t really hit any hard times yet but I know that it’s not gonna be easy…. But I’m so glad to know that all my “friends” or all of you are right here with me and prayin for me. I feel your prayers and I love y’all SO much!! These verses are just SUCH a great reminder to have an eternal perspective, whatever it is you’re going through right now really IS such a small moment compared to the eternities. SO CHIN UP AND SMILE because you are a child of God and he is looking out for you:)

So my “investigator” ,Yesiah, dropped us this week. She actually dropped all the companionships that were teaching her. Like I know its all fake but it is HEARTBREAKING to see someone gain a testimony and FEEL the spirit with them and then say “Thanks, but no thanks”. I’m proud of us though, we talked about what happened with her and she said her husband really didnt want her to continue with the lessons but the more we asked about how her life has been since she started the lessons, the more she realized how necessary it was. She told us that she does want to continue. So we invited her to talk and to pray with her husband and got her phone number to call her and ask how it went and told her we will stop by again next week. So it stunk, but we handled it pretty well I think.


HMM what else, I got told my spirit animal was a hedgehog by some elder in my zone so there’s that?? I dont even know what that means haha. OH OK SO best part of this week was last night. Its Mexico’s Independence Day and lemme just tell ya, these people have COUNTRY PRIDE!!! Lol I thought I knew about like state pride being from Texas and all, but these people are CRAZY. So 1. they have been celebrating ALL week. There are decorations up all over the CCM. And last night we had a “Fiesta” with all the traditional dances ¬† ¬†¬†(They were performers, not us dancing lol) and pledges and stuff that they do!!! IT WAS SICK. It was like a 3 hour shindig and there were fireworks and parties going on all around the CCM last night. I forgot my camera but I’m gonna see if I can get some pics for y’all from another missionary bc YOU JUST WONT BELIEVE IT TIL U SEE IT!!!! I’m talking spotlights, a stage, the costumes, strobe lights, even a live mariachi band, THE WORKS!!

ANYWAYS… Its been a great week and I’m SO excited to get to Fresno in ONLY 12 days PPL. BLESS UP.

Ok I think thats all I got for this week. Missing ALL y’all from Mexico. Have a great week and stay classy!
‚̧ Hermana Whitney

P.P.S My next PDAY is WEDNESDAY NEXT WEEK bc its my last week so ya. If u wanna talk to me on my PDAY it will be Wednesday:)


img_0053ALL the grillz in the zone on 9/11 Sunday

img_0061Casual selfie FUN

img_0063We found Trumps wall in Mexico??? lol jk We have no idea whats going on in the real world.

img_0076CHEERS to our 1st month, only 17 more to go! (Also thx mom for the makeshift Martinelli’s)


Only  some of the LIT pics from last night haha

How does Moses make Tea? HEBREWS it!!!!!!


Hola mi amors!!!! ITS PDAY AGAIN WOOT WOOT!!!! What a fab week!!! Woow WOW woow so much to do and so much to say, so imma jump right into this…

So after the email time last week we got to go to the temple again, and it was awesome!!! It really is such a beautiful temple. It reminds me of like some aztect or mayan type building, es muy bonito. Oh ya also on the bus ride home I found out the 2 of the elders in my zone were actually in my ward @ BYU. HOW RANDOM IS THAT!!!! None of us recognized each other but somehow we all figured it out so that was fun!!

So we are still teaching our 2 “investigators”, they are really our teachers, but it’s going REALLY WELL!!! Like its funny bc all these exercises and practices we do are fake, but the spirit is SO real!!! I loved learning about inspired questions this week, and realized how important they are. Teaching by the spirit and asking questions that allow the investigators to ponder their importance in CRUCIAL to this work. We committed both ¬†Miguiel and Yesiah to baptism this week with a date so that was gr8!!!
My relief society lesson went really well on Sunday, Probs bc I was allowed to give it in English haha, but that talk that I was telling y’all about “His Grace is Sufficent” I used it ALOT in my lesson and I loved teaching other missionaries bc thier insights are super spiritual and steller!!! It was actually really neat, right after my lesson me and my comp. were walking home and I saw this girl that I felt like I recognized and it ended up that we were at BYU at the same time and had a couple mutual friends. As I was talking to her she told me that it was her 5th day here or so and that she was really having a hard time. I immediately felt prompted to pull out this talk that I¬†just taught on, ¬†and made notes on, and marked up, and give it to her with my testimony. So I gave it to her, hugged her and told her that the Lord loves her and that she was here for a reason, and that was that. But then a few days later I was in the weightroom during gym time (No joke, I’m getting GAINZ) and she comes in and hugs me and says “Thank you so much for coming up to me and giving me that talk, you were an answer to my prayers this week and I know I can do this” or somthing like that. Then she was like ” I gave the talk to all of my roomates to read too” hahah I love the chance I have to feel the promptings of the spirit and that I can act on them. Make sure that y’all listen when he promps you to do or say something, I testify that by doing so you can become an instrument in the Lords hands and better become the son/ daughter he wants you to be!!!!
So Tuesday is Devo night and Costco pizza day so I¬†OBVIOUSLY¬†love tuesday, and this week we had the opportunity to listen to a live devo from the PROVO MTC with ¬†D Todd Cristofferson and it was GREAT!!! He shared the thought that it is better to be trusted, than to be loved. I hope to be a missionary that my comp, mission president, and etc, can trust but more importantly I hope to be a servant the Lord can trust!!! I already know he loves all of us, but does he trust us? By living his gospel and bearing our trials with faith I know that his love and trust will increase in us. I have the unique opportunity to physically represent Christ everyday w/ my name tag so I’m trying each and every day to become a more trustworthy missionary, so that he can trust me with the sacred and important duty of teaching my brothers and sisters in FRESNO CA!!! And I know that through the atonement and Christ¬īs Grace I CAN AND SO CAN YOU!!!!! This gospel is the best!!!
Um also this week we had our “movie” night with ¬†mormon messages and stuff, but I dozed off towards the end… haha (MOM I PROMISE THAT THIS IS LIKE THE FIRST TIME) but I woke up to my companion and some elders from my zone conspiring to put a mint in my mouth, under direction from MY ZONE LEADERS. #RUDE. Hahah jk esta bien!! I woke up just in time, but I really do love my zone and district, we have a good time!! I was able to ball with them this week so that was sick. And by “ball” I mean knock out bc thats the only thing hermanas can even do lol.¬† I learned some other games so that was great:) Ya gym time is my fave. I do hit the weightroom and I go running too some days ( I know, SHOCKING) but I love it. GETING SWOLE PHYSICAL AND SPIRITUAL!! I’m also getting some sick tanlines from the mid calf skirts lol. Good lines tan lines!!!!!
Oh ya so the food here isn’t um my taste… so I stock up on snack type food from the tienda here and the protein bars my mom packed me, but it was so funny bc Hermana Harker got this huge packet of snacks from her mom and so I combined my snack pile with hers and we put it in our classroom and Hna. Alanso, our afternoon teacher, literally called us fat haha. Shes really honest with us and tells us to repent all the time too, so it was really funny!!!
Also our branch president, Presidente Suaste, ¬†visited us on Wednesday or something so we were on our way home for the night and we stopped and chatted with him and I was like ” Hey presidente ALVEREZ, wanna hear some good jokes???” I called him by our 1st counselers name and it was SUPER awk and embarrassing bc I was with a bunch of ppl from our zone too YEET. Anyways he was like ” Im not Presidente Alverez, but ya I wanna hear your jokes”. So we got over it and had some laughs, it was just funny lol.
ALSO HIGHLIGHT OF MY WEEK WAS SEEING MY BFF and ROOMIE @ BYU ABBI HERMANA KARREN!!!! She reported on tuesday and I saw her rolling her bags and ran over to squeeze her face off!!! It was SO NICE to see a fimiliar face!! I even get to see her a couple times throughout the day SO ITS FAB!! LOVE THAT GRILL!!! Also I still love my comp, she just is my other half!! We have a good time, but still work hard together. When they changed our sheets this week I came out from the shower and she MADE MY BED!!! SHES THE BEST!!!
OK anyways I think thats it,
Hermana Whitney<3
PS. Also Im getting used to the sound of gun shots while I sleep, kinda concerning:/
Me and the grills at the visitors center
img_0025 Classic comp pic by the CCM welcome sign
Don’t Worry I’m still a thug tho
img_0033¬†Know any good vets in town? BECAUSE THESE PUPPIES ARE SICK. Y’ALL thought I was lying about my gainz
img_0034More neature. Pretty NEAT ūüėČ

The Mexico State Bird =The Mesquito

September 2, 2016

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!!! IT IS THAT TIME AGAIN FOLKS, YOUR FAVE TIME OF THE WEEK. ITS MY PDAY WOOT WOOT!!! BLESS UP!!! Wow holy Hannah Montana I miss all yall SO much!! Thanks so much for all the love letters and prayers, I feel them everyday:) OK SO I HAVE BEEN HERE FOR 3 TUESDAYS!!! Guys I’m like halfway through… did it go by fast for anyone else!?!??! I cant belive it, SOS I don¬īt wanna leave the CCM I love it here so much. Life is so stinking good, I have too pinch myself sometimes to make sure its not just a really good dream. Ok So let’s see, last Pday after I mailed all my fans we went back to the Mexico City Temple and it was LIT!! I love going to the temple, as soon as I’m finished w/ emails today we get to go again SO I’m pumped!!!

Ok also last week it was so random I ran into someone I knew, Elder Jensen. He was in my ward in Texas like years ago so that was pretty funny. It was nice to see a fimiliar face though. I stared at him for like a straight 5 mins bc I couldn’t remember where I knew him from but eventually he got uncomfortable and was like”Hi can I help you” ¬†then he recognized me, so we are good now.
So the food here is… edible. My whole district all got the runs this week from the food but NOT ME! Im such a picky eater and I don’t like trying new things, so I stick with toast. But that also has its challenges… I almost burned down the comedor like twice this week bc I left my toast in for too long. OOps.
We got two new investigators this week (Miguel and Yesiah), so that was exciting. Our “investigators” are actually our teachers so I’m pretty comfortable with them. On our 2nd lesson I invited Miguel to be baptized and he said YES!!! But it wasn’t me, I know it was the spirit. I feel the spirit all the time here, it’s awesome. Its real strong when we teach too!! ¬† ” Yesiah” even pulled us aside after our lesson and told us that she felt the spirit so strongly, and that she really looks forward to hearing our lessons!!! So that made me and the comp fell pretty good. We high fived but then said a prayer of gratitude bc we are just instruments in His hands.
The days are pretty long here, so me and hermana Harker go up to random ppl during transition times, or meals and ask if they have any good Chistes (jokes). It helps pass time and it’s real fun. SO IF U HAVE ANY GOOD JOKES HMU. I’d tell you one about sewing, but I’m all out of material;)
On Sunday we were able to watch “The Testaments” movie for a devo and it was so good. PLZ watch it. I love it. My favorite part was at the end it said “The Messiah has come, and He will come again”. It just got me thinking how blessed I am to be able to share that message and what a message it is!!!!! I really do treasure my calling and my nametag- representing Jesus Christ in all I do is hard and I’m not perfect, but I get better each and everyday! I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!
Tuesday is Devo day here, and they always serve Costco Pizza for dinner, so that’s definitely a highlight!!! I’m in the Choir too so we got to sing at the devo. We sang the EFY medley “As sisters in Zion” and “We are as the army of Helamen” in espanol it was BEAUTIFUL. I kept the sheet music and put it in my room haha.
The last part of this week was a lil rough… Um My district leader, and more importantly my friend, went home kind of abruptly. It was really depressing and I was feeling real down about it, but right before he left we sang “God be with you til we meet again” and he said that he¬īll be back, he just needs to take care of some stuff at home 1st. I believe in him.
I’m giving a lesson in Relief Society this Sunday on the Atonement and I remembered my momma packed me a bunch of her fave talks, so I pulled em out to see if there was one to go with my lesson and there was!!! If ya¬īll have not read “His Grace is Sufficient” plz stop reading this email and GO READ IT RN!! It was one of the most beautiful and hopeful talks I have ever read. ONE of my fave parts (there are so many) is when he says “Jesus doesn’t make UP the difference, He makes ALL the difference. Grace is not about filling gaps, it’s about filling US!!!! HOW COOL IS THAT!?!?! Ugh plz just read it, I don’t do it enough justice.

Also, I still Love my cute lil district. I have like 7 ¬†hermanos y 3 hermanas and it’s awesome. We quote Nacho Libre all the time haha. I didnt know it was possible to care for ppl SO much after such a short period of time!!! But its the truth, they are in my district for a reason. Its rly funny, They call me mom bc I always have snacks and meds and stuff. Also I tell them no wrestling with each other(you would think thats obvious??) but we have fun together!!

ALSO ¬†my companion is so cool. She is actually like my best friend. It’s always a party with her. #Blessed.

Okay party people I think that’s all for this week,

Peace and Blessins<3
Hermana Whitney
Still haven't seen Star Wars, but my comp has the force
Still haven’t seen Star Wars, but my comp has the force
If you were a booger, Id pick you 1st
If you were a booger, I’d pick you!!
Me and my homies at the temple
Me and the homies at the temple!!!


The CCM Timez

AUGUST 26, 2016


It’s me, Hermana Whitney, I¬īm alive and well!!!! THX so much for all the love, prayers, and emails. I miss you all!!!! !Ok so you don’t get a PDAY your 1st week here, and so since my PDAY is Friday I had to wait a REAL long time. BUT NO WORRIES I’M HERE NOW AYYEEE!!!!! Y’all lemme just tell ya real quick, how lucky I am. I love being a missionary w/ my whole entire heart and I can’t wrap my head around the fact that I have the opportunity to represent Christ each and everyday.¬† I have never felt so loved and such purpose. Being a missionary is EVERYTHING I dreamed about and MORE!!! Everyone keeps saying that “It gets better” or “first couple of weeks are always the hardest” but I can’t imagine it getting any better than this. Like TBH the only thing I miss from home is Ice, they dont have ice here:( But its super not a big deal, I’m too busy/happy to even care!!! Okay so I actually have like 0 time to tell y’all stuff so Imma try to hit the biggest points from the last two weeks!!! OKOOK here we go
So traveling to mexico was really good! There were a BUNCH of missionaries on our plane to mexico so I ended up meeting a TUN of ppl from my district/zone etc like before we even got here, which was pretty rad! I hit it off with 1 hermana pretty quick and we ended up being comps- but more about her l8r!!! Being in the CCM is awesome!! They really treat us so well here!!¬† Everyday is SUPER BUSY like planned down to the last second, but its so great. I am learning so much, and have never ever felt like this before!!! I’m am honestly the happiest I have ever been.¬† Our “1st” official day here we taught our 1st lesson… IN SPANISH. Honestly it didn’t go too bad. I am so thankful that I was able to take some spanish in school because its really helped me. Also the gift of tongues is so so real.¬† And I know that as I strive to prepare to teach ¬†both spiritually and physically that my language skills will only improve. The Lord sent us here to learn and to grow and we all have a purpose, I know that I was called to a spanish speaking mission- for a purpose so I feel a burning desire to learn this language so I can invite the people of Fresno to come unto Christ and find peace in him. I also had to pray in sacrament on Sunday so that was fun lol!!!
Lets see oh ya, so on my third night our carbon monoxide alarm went off lol. Luckily it was at like 11 so we were all still pretty awake!!! It was a long night though bc they had a bunch of ppl come in our casa and check it ¬†while all us hermanas just stood outside in our PJS hhaa!! After all was said and done I got to bed around 12:30 so not TOO bad, just funny. Also everyone is so nice here, and they especially are super nice to the hermanas!! Like We get to cut the line and eat first, they hold our umbrellas for us, and just other super nice stuff I’m not really use to. Blessup for being a sister.
UMMM I LOVE MY DISTRICT. They are ppl that I didn’t ever really think I’d be friends w/ at first but I seriously have grown so close to them all. So like 8 of us are going to FRESNO same mish, and then 3 are going to carlsbad CA and then one to TX but ya we have become like way close. My hermanas are LITERALLY my hermanas, and the elders are like all my little bros. We have a bunch of fun together but can turn around real quick and feel the spirit, ITS LIT.¬† OH BOY!!! mi hermana:)) My comps name is hermana Harker and we are LITERALLY the same person, like we get along SO well. She’s from Draper and did a year at USU before coming out here. Shes going to the Carlsbad CA mission. We call ourselves the “Califonia Grills” ¬†it’s a pretty good time. We have “twinning tuesday” and try to match our outfits even haha. Kinda lame but seriously we have SUCH a good time together. It’s a party.¬† A couple nights ago she woke me up at 12:30 AM thinking that it was the afternoon and that we had to go. She was like “Why is it still dark” “We need to get going” HAHA anyways good times.
IT RAINS SO MUCH. At least like once everyday. I carry my raincoat and umbrella w/ me AT ALL TIMES. It gets so bad that the streets will flood and have huge puddles. So ya walking in ¬†sandle-y type shoes in flooded street is NOT berry fun. I’m glad I brought lotz of shoes though bc usually I just pick the dry ones hah!! I wish I could take a pic to show yall but we are only allowed to use our cameras on PDAY. BUT DON’T WORRY I know y’all were probs just DYING to see my sweaty lil face so I squeezed in a couple of pics before email time;)
Also the food is not my fave. Luckily my mom hooked me up w/ some protien bars(gotta get gainz) ¬†b4 I left so I’m not starving or anything! Plus they have a lil store here that has lots of good snacks!! And Hermanas get 120 pesos a week Elders only get 100 haha #blessed. I also LOVE GYM TIME!! We dont get that long to exercise but its way fun. I ran a mile a couple of days ago, our district plays volley ball all the time and so its really fun. Its really sad though bc Hermanas aren’t really allowed to play anything with elders. The rule is “no contact” so that’s soccer, ultimate frisbee, football, and BASKETBALL. BALL is life and a couple elders in my district love playing so I’m sad when I can’t play with them. I did convince a bunch of ppl to play lightning though so that was fun (I won;) !!! But it’s all good, rules are there for a reason so I dont really mind!
OK PEEPS gotta blast

-Hermana Whitney

Casual selfie at breakfast
Casual selfie at breakfast
The district!! AWK poses  FOR DAYYYYSS (bc Hermanas)
The district!! AWK poses FOR DAYYYYSS (bc Hermanas)
The View
The View!!!