“Sister Hands”


Wow Lemoore just has the best street art. Pretty neat. From animal to meat!!!






My comp said I look like this lamb. RUDE. I don’t see it.

SO Thanksgiving was AWESOME this week. We played in a turkey bowl with the ward and apparently running for 20 mins every morning has helped my football skillz because I was the MVP Wide Receiver! Haha I think people were just surprised that I had thrown a Football before?? I don’t know but anyways I left with the nickname “Sister Hands”. I hope that doesn’t last… it just sounds weird haha.
We got to eat Thanksgiving at one of our investigators houses ( like one of 4 dinners lol) but She was just SO sweet and excited that we came. Her name is Carla and she is about 60 years old. She has had a rough life and struggle with a lot but the gospel is TRULY  changing her. She calls us her “church girls” and is solid for a baptism on the 23rd of December. SUPER EXCITING!!!
I also got to go on exchanges this week! It is always fun to learn from other missionaries in a different area! Hmm… What else
Oh a slightly drunk man told me that I looked like I was 15 this week?? That was fun. It has been raining kinda a lot and so my companion and I were walking trying to find some apartment and this guy was talking to us and asking us why we do what we do. And what the motive behind it is. It was a pretty cool opportunity to bear testimony. Hopefully, even though I looked 15, the spirit was able to touch him.
I am just pretty grateful to be serving a mission y”all! It’s so crazy how much has changed. I just feel such a great comfort in knowing that even though I’m not the perfect missionary- and that I mess up all the time- that the Savior’s atonement provides a better way. I have the opportunity each and every day to become better and become more like him!
ALSO PSA the church released their new Christmas video #lighttheworld SO PLS look it up ASAP. I challenge each one of y’all to share your light this season. I know that as you do- the focus that you put on BECOMING more like the savior during the holidays rather than just focusing of the traditions of Christmas, that you will be blessed!

Hermana Whitney



Happy Thanksgiving


Another great week here in Lemoore CA. Its gotten a lil chiller for sure and I really regret not bringing any cardigans or long sleeves like my mom told me (yes mom, you were right!). But other than that pretty dang good! Let’s see some highlights are:
– A group of youth were guessing my age and one guessed 35 and one guessed 46… SO obviously I need to rethink my minimal wake up and go look lol!!!
-One of the 3 year old boys in my ward told me that I was his best friend and gave me a hug. It was the biggest internal conflict bc I was like “ARRGH DONT HUG ME THATS AGAINST THE RULES” but also he was so sweet, so we settled on high fives!!! And now everytime he sees me he runs up gives me 5 and I give him a sticker. It’s a pretty great relationship!!!
– Our recent convert Natalie that I mentioned last email had us over for dinner this week and her and her brothers were doing like a little dance party and asked me if I knew any move SO obviously I pulled out the lawn mower and sprinkler ( Shout out to my parents for teaching me how to dance;)
-IT RAINED WHILE WE WERE RUNNING THIS MORNING!! That was crazy. And wet. I actually really didn’t enjoy it. I hope I have a sunny Thanksgiving and Christmas!!!!

That’s about it for really “monumental” stuff… I know you were all DYING to hear about that haha. Something else that has been on my mind this week as thanksgiving is coming up is my family. We had the opportunity to teach the Plan of Salvation SEVERAL times this week and I almost couldn’t help but tear up every time I testified to these people that we were teaching. The Plan of Salvation Is truly something that I am SO thankful for, this week, and every other. The knowledge of who I am, why I am here, and where I have the potential to go never ceases to amaze me. I am so grateful for a loving Father in Heaven that loved us SO much that he gave us this knowledge,to help be a light and guide us in this dark and dreary world. The plan of Salvation and the knowledge of Forever Families is why I came on my mission… Every single person deserves to know the JOY and the PEACE that I feel in my life because of this. I know without a doubt that we are all divine and precious children of a loving Heavenly Father and that He intends us all to make it back to him.I love my family SO much and 18 months is not EVER hard when I think about eternity<3

Thank you for all y’alls love and support and I hope you all have some time to reflect and count your blessings this thanksgiving!

Hermana B

Anotha one (Baptism)

Natalie’S Baptism 🙂


So this week was pretty awesome! But it didn’t start out that way. My companion threw up and was sick on Tuesday, so we had to stay home because she had a bad fever. I tried to nap but I was getting so BORED so I got up and cleaned and organized our whole house. I didn’t know I was OCD, but I guess when there’s actually time I am? IDK it was weird.

We had an Investigator get baptized on Saturday, so that was awesome! Natalie is 9 and her mom was baptized last June. She was supposed to get baptized then too, but her dad wouldn’t give permission. SO AFTER ALL THESE MONTHS and lots of prayers she was able to be baptized. Her dad is a long time less active and he actually CAME to the baptism and it was like his first time setting foot in a church for over 20 years. It was a day of miracles. Her grandmother was able to come as well. She was just BEAMING!

Speaking of Baptism, our investigator Carla, set a date for Dec. 10th! And we are super excited. We have been reading the Book of Mormon and she will ask a question and then we will say “keep reading” and it says the answer like 2 versus later. ITS AMAZING!!

Oh, also interesting thing this week- We found out its only a 5 week Transfer. Which is CRAZY because it makes it easier for them to transfer us before the holidays. haha oh well.

One cool thing I read this week was the parable of the talents in Matthew and I realized that the servant that gained 5 talents, and the servant that gained 2 talents were both rewarded with the SAME reward from the master. It reminded me that no matter how inadequate we may feel when we compare ourselves to others ( physically, spiritually, mentally, whatever) Our Heavenly Father loves us ALL so much and if we do what he asks to the best of OUR INDIVIDUAL abilities, we will be blessed with the same eternal reward!

Hmm I think that’s it… Have a fab week LOVE Y’ALL <3,
Hermana B

Selfie with Natalie and her siblings
These are the pics from Halloween HAHA. When you have to be home at 5 and don’t have anything else to do, you make mud masks and take pics right?
Some sick art I found downtown on Halloween!!
Latest project. Sis Jeffereies and I cut out every single temple pic from all the magazines we had in our apartment!
Oh we also did Yoga?


HOLLA YA GIRL IS OFFICIALLY ONE transfer into the mission #blessup!! I’m so pumped because no one from my district got transferred. President Clark told our district that we have been the most productive in the mission this transfer and so like don’t fix something that’s not broken amirite?!?! SO ya life is pretty dang good here in Cali!!

We have an investigator named Marcos that is THE BEST! He is 55+ and lives alone and works like 3 jobs. He is so awesome about helping me while I speak Spanish and he always complements us on how good we speak the language. We are reading the BOM with him right now and he brings us out an ice cream cone EVERYTIME we go read with him haha. It’s hilarious because we will be like no, we are not hungry and he just keeps insisting that we NEED it otherwise we’ll blow away in the wind. ALSO he laughs at all my jokes!! I have had this collection of Spanish jokes that have been growing since I left on my mission, but when I actually tell them to Hispanic people they think its hilarious bc they don’t expect it!! So that’s how im gaining their trust I suppose 😉

Halloween night was fun haha. We had to park our cars at 5pm and then just stayed home all night. Sister Jefferies had a mud mask and we found a dvd that had some kids learning sign language to music BUT YOU COULD HEAR THE MUSIC so we jammed to that lol. DON’T WORRY they were just primary songs.

SPEAKING OF MUSIC… our mission president just gave us permission to listen to Christmas music (as long as it doesn’t have romantic overtones) SO sister Jefferies and I were able to borrow some CD’s and it’s been AWESOME. Who knew you could get so crunk to “Hark the Harold Angles Sing”??

I also rode my bike for the first time this week!!! That was SO FUN!! Believe it or not I’ve actually been dying to ride my bike… I will admit that figuring out what to do with my skirt was a lil difficult (and sweaty) but I really enjoyed it. Except my helmet didn’t have a buckle BUT thank goodness for safety pins I just safty pinned that lil sucker together and went on my merry way!! I promise it was safe mom!!!

So I was reading in 1st Nephi 17 this week and was just HIT with how faithful Nephi was, in versus 50 and 51 he talks about how many miracles the Lord has granted his family that there is no way the Lord COULDN’T instruct him to build a ship. Anyways I just thought this principle is so applicable… How can the Lord NOT instruct me to be a Missionary or whatever he needs YOU to be. We may doubt ourselves but luckily we don’t have to do it for ourselves because we have a Savior that’s already done it for us and KNOWS EXACTLY how to help us. It’s pretty much amazing and I can’t believe that I get to basically talk about it all day everyday!!!
I guess you could say I’M PRETTY MUCH THE HAPPIEST I HAVE EVER BEEN!!! Thanks for all the prayers, love, and emails. Y’all rock and I’m so thankful for you:)

Hermana Whitney
(LOL Sorry fans, no time for pics this week but don’t worry next week I GOTCHU)


Hey playas!! Wishing the happiest of Halloweens to y’all from Sunny Lemoore CA!!

So this week was AWESOME!!! We attended the Fresno temple on Tuesday and it was beautiful! I just love the temple so much:)

We also had 2 of our investigators get baptized this week on the 29th! Peter is 10 and Ana is 14! My area covers the naval base, Riverdale, Stratford, and the spansih speaking people in Lemoore! So we can teach in Spanish wherever but on base, riverdale, and Stratford, we have stewardship over English AND Spanish. So ya just FYI. Their Baptisms went AWESOME and we had so much ward support there it was great! I have loved teaching these kids and watching them grow their relationship with Jesus Christ. It reminded me of the importance of the sacrament and my own covenants that I have made. I’d encourage all of y’all to  think back and ponder on these covenants and make sure that you are doing YOUR part. I always think of D&C 82:10 ” I the Lord am BOUND when ye do what I say,but when ye do not what I say ye have no promise”. If we truly want access to all of the blessings the Lord has in store for us we should do a self evaluation and make sure that we are doing our part!

Hmm what else… Oh we were tracting and knocking doors this week and some guy was totally being weird and asked us to “come inside and chill and have a drink” HAH YEET.

Oh also I LOVE LOVE LOVE this video. We used in in a lesson this week on the commandments please please check it out. “Stay within the lines” by Jeffery R. Holland. IT IS SO GOOD!!

Things are going AWESOME here and I’m just so thankful for the opportunity to serve as a missionary. I love this gospel so much and am SO sad that I’ve already been here for a whole transfer 😦

I think that’s about all I got peeps SO peace out girl scout and Happy Halloween from your fave sister missionary;)
Hermana Whitney