Seriously best week EVER! I love Christmas. So leading up to Christmas we did lots of caroling because people are out of town, so we met a bunch of people and they seemed to really enjoy it. ALSO haha we ran into a less active boy from the ward who was hoopin it up outside and we said that if I made a basket him and his friend would have to come carol with us, AND I DID!! Bless up #notluck #thespirit;)

I GOT TO GO BACK TO MY LAST AREA FOR A BAPTISM. 3 of my investigators got baptized. IT WAS seriously the BEST Christmas Present ever!! The spirit is like the only thing that makes me cry and DANG the spirit was strong because I was in tears during the closing song. Missionary work is just the greatest. I decided I like watching peoples testimonies grow BETTER than I like watching netflix. Like alot better haha.

Christmas Eve we went to a members home and enjoyed Dinner and then went to the WORLD FAMOUS or FRESNO FAMOUS Christmas Tree Lane. Basically every house on this street goes HARD for Christmas. LIKE all out. It was awesome.

Christmas Day We went to church and our whole program was basically music and SURPRISE ya girl is in the Choir. Only because my companion is like a disney princess tho. But that was way fun. And my lil ward is so cute they gave us a bunch of gifts and put them in a pillow case and called them stockings. Seriously so sweet. THEN I GOT TO TALK TO MY FAM!!! It was so awesome. I miss those people. Everyone is SO good and also they GOT A DOG?!?!?      I hope they aren’t trying to replace me because I am irreplaceable 😉

At Carla’s baptism 
At Lily and Leilani’s baptism
Shout out to grandma for the cute PJs. Shout out to parents for the good genes (also for sending me stuff 😉


pEACE OUT 2016



So Yes I got transferred and I’m livin the dream here in FRESNO- well actually it’s right next to Fresno called Clovis- BUT YA. I love my new ward. There are some AWESOME member Missionaries and FAB youth. So it’s a party. But, this week I got to welcome in the New missionaries and take them out for a “open your mouth” experience. IT WAS SUPA FUN!! President Clark also pulled me aside and told me that he just had the same prompting over and over that I NEEDED to be in this ward- even though it is an English ward and Sister Tyler(my new comp) is an English missionary.
I have NO doubt this is where I am supposed to be. Whether I am speaking English, Spanish or Pig Latin,  as long as I’m teaching the same message I am LIVING MY PURPOSE!!!

Other fun times this week! So Sister Tyler and I, and two other missionaries went to Cafe Rio for luch today and A MEMBER THERE offered to pay for our lunch. SO SWEET. THEN the guy sitting next to us (who ended up being a less active member) started sharing his mission experiences from his mission and then gave us all 20 bucks to go buy something for Christmas. SO SWEET. So basically I AM just so pumped for Christmas its gonna be AWESOME! AND I LOVE Y’ALL

Hermana Whitney

With my new companion Sister Tyler 

So THIS is why missions are hard!!!!


So Lets start out with the good part of the week!!! UM our ward had a Christmas party on Friday and it was LIT!! Yes I begged Santa for a picture and told him he “smelled like beef and chesse”. Just kidding I didn’t do that, it wouldn’t be dignified;) But ya, we had 4 investigators come so it was super AWESOME. They all had a great time and then people brought friends, so there was a BUNCH of non -members and LDS ppl there. It was like a gold mine. Like I said- LIT!

So ya that was Friday, then Saturday night we had transfer calls…. ALL is well here in Sunny CA, but I found out that I am being transferred to a different area that’s like East of Fresno (like an hour or so from where I am serving now). So I actually had a feeling that I was being transferred so I had been mentally preparing and when it was confirmed I was like “ya ok, this is good. I am excited to meet new people and to learn more from others etc..” No big deal. So then comes Sunday. And We had 3 investigators at church and 2 of them are getting baptized this Saturday (the 17th) and the other on the 23rd of December. So I kind of just pushed the thought of saying goodbye out of my mind TIL MY COMPANION mentioned that I was leaving during class. Hindsight- I’m glad she did otherwise I would have probs never told anyone in order to spare feelings. So um the mom of the two girls getting baptized on Saturday came up to me and said a lot of really nice sappy things and she started crying and I just didn’t know what to do. Then our other investigator joined in the convo and she threw her arms around me and just started saying all these nice things and how much she’ll miss me and stuff. Meanwhile I’m just standing in the middle of the church hallway not knowing what to do and holding back tears. It didn’t work though lol. Unfortunately some foreign fluid escaped my eyes and I tried unsuccessfully to tell that it was ok and that they can email me and I could try to come to their baptism.

So basically I came to realize that the hardest thing for me in my mission is the people. I truly do love them. AND lol pls don’t be worried about me. I AM OK, and I know that I am following Heavenly Fathers plan, but I just didn’t think that this kind of thing would be an issue for me haha. I have never been super emotional but I feel a lot like the Grinch whose heart grew three sizes. As I am beginning to develop and study more Christ like attributes I can’t help but think about how the Savior feels about each of us. I am worried leaving my investigators because I want to protect, love, and help them. I imagine that every time we choose to “leave” Christ he feels that sorrow and worry for our well-being.

So moral of the story is I am learning a lot, and I know that the Savior truly loves each and everyone of us! I hope this email wasn’t depressing lol. I legitimately am excited to go to my new area and have a new companion!!! I promise!!

Ok bueno, I think that’s all!! Love y’all
Hermana Whitney
P.S. This is my Christmas Card. You are welcome. Happy Holla-Days


Happy Holla Dayzzz

img_2409img_2410Hi Family and Friends!

It is in fact THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR!!! I am filled with the spirit of Christmas and am so grateful for the opportunity to celebrate the Savior of the world. I can truly feel a difference (It could just be the air in central valley) but, I think that people are so much more open to Jesus Christ during this time of year! And there is no greater or happy message than that of His gospel!! So basically IT’S A GREAT TIME TO BE A MISSIONARY!!! I hope all y’all were able to look up the #lighttheworld video on this week. I know that it will be such a blessing to you and your families as you strive to put the CHRIST in CHRISTMAS<3

So, This week was pretty awesome! We had zone conference on Tuesday and I feel impressed to share one of the messages I heard. So when the Lord talks about/to his servants he uses the term “pleased”. President Clark challenged us to re-evaluate ourselves and seek to know if the Lord is PLEASED or WELL- PLEASED with us in our work. We have a new year coming up so I want to invite all y’all to do the same. Ponder on the things that you think/do/say and determine where you stand, then make a plan to be BETTER! Through the atonement of Jesus Christ we can become better and more like him EACH DAY!

Also, we got to watch the Christmas devotional last night so that was Awesome! Other fun Christmas things this week were Decorating gingerbread houses, Decorating a members home for Christmas and watching the Christmas video with people we meet. ALSO my mom sent me the cutest Christmas tree! So thanks to her, we have a tree in the apartment!

Other fun things this week were exchanges- I got to lead the area so that was fun. And a Dog peed on me!!!!! It wasn’t too bad, at least the dog was kinda cute?? OH YA at church yesterday our 11 yr old investigator (from a part member family) BORE HER TESTIMONY during fast and testimony meeting. IT WAS AWESOME!! The spirit was so strong. The church is true. The Book is blue. And God loves you.

Alright, I think that’s All I got for this week!! Peace and Blessings<3
Hermana Whitney