Abel’s baptism 🙂
Danielle’s baptism ❤

Where do I even start??? It has been SUCH an awesome week!!! Highlight of the week was Sunday! We had 2 baptisms! 1 for the Los Banos ward and 1 for the Mercy Springs ward:) Danielle is 11 and is SO cute. Her dad, Danny, is a Recent convert of like 3 weeks and he got to baptize her!! She had to do it twice bc she didn’t go all the way under the 1st time and on the 2nd time there was a loud THUNK bc she hit something on the way down. BUT it was so awesome. She invited her friend to come and her friend came up to us after and said ” Hey if I get baptized today do I have to ask my Mom”. HAha and Danielle told her ” the missionaries and I will come to your house”. HOW CUTE IS THAT!!.

We also had Abel’s Baptism yesterday and he was my first EVER all SPANISH baptism. Now lemme tell y’all it doesn’t matter WHAT language you speak, because the language of the SPIRT touches all. His baptism was BEAUTIFUL. He is 19 and only speaks Spanish. He goes to high school and moved here from Mexico a yr ago. HE HAS SO MUCH FAITH its CRAZY. His family wasn’t super excited about his decision but it was super COOL because they ended up coming to the baptism and feeling the spirit<3

Benjamin is a recent convert as well, he was baptized like right before I got here BUT ITS SO COOL because he is going to bear his testimony at Stake Conference. He speaks only Spanish too, he is like my grandpa!! But, he is so excited! AND DAVID A. BEDNAR is going to be at the MERCED stake conference HOW COOL IS THAT!!!

Man, I am just so grateful to be here! Thank you for all the love and support and prayers. I have the best family, friendz, and fans EVER!!!!

Stay Classy,
Hermana B


Waters of Mormon

HOLA PEEPS!!! I don’t know if I have ever told y’all this before but I FREAKING love my mission. If you have the opportunity to serve a mission JUST do it. When young men choose not to serve full time missions it LITERALLY frustrates God’s plan for them. Same goes for Young Women. These are not the last days… these are the VERY last days and we need the valiant and strong sons and daughters of God that were prepared for this generation to fufill the commitments they made in the pre-mortal life and serve missions. OK soapbox done!!!

I LOVE MY NEW AREA!!! Los Banos is so awesome. I have gotten to use my Spanish SO MUCH… bless up. I am still learning and getting better each and everyday BUT THE GIFT OF TOUNGES IS REAL! So I’m covering 2 wards now. The Los Banos Ward & the Mercy Springs Ward. The Mercy Springs ward is English and has Spanish AND wait for it… TONGAN groups. AND yes do not worry, I WILL be learning the Haka;) We taught SO many people this week, like HONESTLY they should re-name this place Waters of Mormon bc baptisms on baptisms. I don’t know if I have ever been in a more fertile area haha. My 1st day I asked Hermana Jeppsen( WHO IS SO COOL BTW) “Is this like the normal everyday, because this is AWESOME?”. The answer is yes. There are legit miracles in this area EVERY DAY!!!

Hmmm Some funny things from this week-

-Another Hispanic guy asked my if I was Hispanic. Or if my parents were Hispanic. Um. No. Just rly white sorry!!!!!
-Sister Jeppesen & I know A BUNCH of the same ppl from BYU hahah
-Our investigator Abel lives in house 679 and his Dog only has one eye so basically he’s Fetty Wap. (Famous rapper)
– We met a bunch of Samoans and they were all smoking pot and asked us what our opinion on weed was. We ended up giving them all copies of the Book of Mormon and teaching a lesson lol.


2. Abel’s Dog-Fetty
3. Sister Jeppesen and I. Thugs or Sister Missionaries IDK
4. Just a few of my fave things in Fre$no. Sister Jeppesen and Gucci Mane (another famous rapper)



IMG_3455.JPGALRIGHT ALRIGHT ALRIGHT!!!!! WASSUP PARTY PEOPLE???!!!! So it has been a SUPA awesome and CRAZY BUSY WEEK!!!!! So we had Special Opps. It is a program where the youth in the stake go stay the weekend with the full time missionaries!! IT WAS LIT. Cute lil Sister Whitney Dickman fit RIGHT IN. She was even there for the CRAZY news of transfer calls. AND GUESS WHAT … YA GRILL IS GETTING TRANSFERRED AGAIN!! I’M HEADED TO Los Banos tomorrow to be companions with CUTE SISTER JEPPSEN ( WHO I KNEW b4 THE MISH FROM BYU) !!!! I am so sad to leave the Dakota Ward but I am PUMPED to learn some spanish (finally haaaha). I have to go get packing but I can’t wait to tell all y’all about LOS BANOS next Monday!!!!!

Stay Classy,
Hermana B



Friends, family, and fanclub, SO sorry I missed y’all last week! I have been a BERRY BUSY lil bee. AND I don’t have TONS of time so Imma just do a highlight real quick for y’all…

Challenged some Kids to basketball and if we won, they had to come to church! My companion got hurt so we had to forfeit BUT we have a re-match set for this WEDNESDAY!
We found some new investigators this week.
Had lunch with President Clark’s Wife.
Balled it up today for preperation day! #ballislyfe


Hermana B