When transfers are on your birthday!

WOW THIS WEEK WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!!! ok SO TRaNSFERS were yesterday and SISTER JEPPESEN IS LEAVING ME://// I’M BERRY SAD but I know that the rest of fresno needs her…ugh! At least that is what I keep telling myself!!!!

We moved Vitalia’s date to the 30th on a Sunday. She drank a sip of coffee PLUS it will be better for her because now she’ll have the opportunity to go to girls camp and youth conference and reaffirm the testimony that she has!!!
We had 9 member present lessons this week so that was AWESOME!!! The Mercy Springs ward has been getting a lot more involved in missionary work which is AWESOME!
One of my favorite miracles this week requires a little bit of background. We received this referral from a 10 year old member for one of her best friends. When we stopped by their house, the little girl and her big brother answered, and we talked to them about the Book of Mormon! They seemed so interested! We went by about 4 more times, and no answer. We just assumed they weren’t interested. Then (this is about a month later), we are walking down the street and this car pulls over and asks us if we go to church, and asks for a brochure. NATURALLY, we are SO EXCITED!!! They tell us that we met their son, and that even though he has been busy with work, they want us to come back! We invited them to church, and they all CAME! It was SO cool. Working through members is the best. The look on the 10 year old referral-giver was SO PRICELESS when her friend’s family walked into sacrament meeting!
THE WILLIAMS also came to church and Chyna is going to go to Girl’s Camp!!!!
Also it was my bday…  shout out to all y’all that celebrated ya fave grill!!!!!! All I want for my bday is for y’all to spread the gospel!!!! My grandma emailed me and told me she did it so YOU CAN TOO!!! Email me and let me know how it goes!!!! BUT the Juarez’s threw my a surprise Birthday party- they are SO cute!!! And also my other Mexican family got me a pastel… #blessed!!!!!!
BASICALLY I LOVE MY LYFE AND IMMA MISS MY SISTA J!!!!!! She is my Diestra y major amiga!!!!!!!!




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