OKAY PARTY PPL!!!! Sorry for the lack of pics lately- ya girl broke her camera!!!!! BUT HEY ALL IS WELL IN ZION- OR SHOULD I SAY LOS BANOS!!!!!! I had SUCH a good week!
VITALIA was baptized on Sunday! WHAT a special experience! WE DIDN’T get to see her the WHOLE week bc she was at Girls Camp and Youth Conference and when she came back she was like “ya I invited like 100 people to my baptism” AND THEY ALL CAME!!!!! CAN I JUST SAY HOW MUCH I LOVE THE MERCED STAKE!!!!!! #MIGHTYMERCED5EVER. But 4 real tho, her baptism was incredible and during sacrament meeting the Bishop invited her up to share her testimony from the experience she had at girls camp and there I was just sitting in the pew thinking to myself “MAN GOD IS SO GOOD” I feel so blessed to serve here in Los Banos!!!! Sister J came to the Baptism too so that was a plus to see that cute lil gremlin!!!!
We found a new investigator this week named MYRNA and she is SO cute! She even knows a Sister in the ward already #perfect!!!! Not to mention she told us that she wants to be baptized!!!! Basically she is golden but I’ll keep ya posted on her!!!
Sister Malpica had a baptism in Lemoore so I asked Maria Juarez  (who just got baptized in april) to be my companion for the night and she SLAYED!!!! She showed up with her preach my gospel and scriptures all ready to go! MAN she is such a BALLER!!! I was like “you are such a good missionary” and she said” I know” I AM SO IN LOVE WITH HER!!!! She told me she is going on a mission- I am so pumped… MISSIONS ARE THE BEST!!!!!
Basically I just love my lyfe- I want all of you to know that I am thankful for you and your prayers! I feel ’em EVERYDAY!! Whether in our church callings, missions, or as families may we all serve because we LOVE the Lord Jesus Christ. HE is the reason for EVERY season!

I LOVE YOU ALL!!! Please email me about ALL the amazing opprotunities you have to share the gospel!!!

Hermana Whitney

(Pics taken from Sis  Jeppesen’s blog)

A few last pics with Sis  J

Zone and leadership meetings



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