HOLY COW I AM BERRY SORRY TO ALL MY FANZ!!!!!!!!!! We have been SO busy this week! Wow where do I even start?!?!?!?

I went on exchanges with Sister Balls and I always learn SO much from exchanges and I feel very privileged to be working around such amazing Sisters!
Sister Malpica went to one of her old investigators baptisms this week and so I got the opportunity to go on splits for most of the day Friday! I went with Sister Tuitupo. She is preparing to leave on her mission to Australia in October and it was SO cool to see her face light up as she felt the joy of sharing her testimony with others. We got in the car after a lesson and she said something along the lines of “Wow, you really are living the dream, aren’t you?” . Yes!! I AM!! I love being a missionary SO much!
So last Preparation day our mission President asked us to give a training in front of everyone at Zone Conference!!!! TALK ABOUT NERVOUS WRECK!!!!! I’m just like “ok Sister Whitney, try not 2 say anything undignified”!!!! LOL these missionaries had better come prepared so that the SPIRIT can teach them bc I am thinking they might not get anything from me haah!!!! But preparing for this training has been such a special experience for me! The Holy Ghost has taught me SO much of what I need to be doing better! We are supposed to talk about how to build relationships with the members! So, something that we did was ask the members for help and also the recently returned missionaries from our ward. Their responses were super insightful and the one thing that really touched me was something our assistant ward mission leader said ” People join the church because of what they feel. The same principle applies to member trust. The members will remember you because of how you made them feel”. I’m pretty lucky to be serving in SUCH an awesome ward. These members are easy to love!#LOSBANOS5EVER

Here is a scripture I cam across in my studies this week that I lOVED!!!
Galations 1:10 “For do I now persuade men, or God? or do I seek to please men? for if I yet pleased men, I should not be the servant of Christ.”

We are ALL disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ. He died for us so, we can LIVE for him. I hope this week that each of you will take advantage of the wonderful opportunities around you to share your testimony with others!


Hermana Whitney



ON WEDS and THUR we were up in Fresno helping all the new missionaries that came in!!! IT WAS CHAOS!  THERE WERE 22 NEW MISSIONARIES!!! So much fun! Very exciting stuff! We stayed the night at the mission home and helped get the sisters settled in #justgirlythings
FRIDAY we were BACK up in Fresno (MINDYOU this is like an HOUR AND A HALF DRIVE) for MLC so needless to say we were EXHAUSTED! But it was supa good! Sister Malpica and I both received some much needed revelation on what we need to do better to help the Sisters in our stewardship and also how to help our area!
SATURDAY… ALRIGHT HIGHLIGHT OF THE WEEK RIGHT HERE PPL!!!!! TBH it is SUPER stressful to plan weddings!!!!! I KNOW that I do not want to be a wedding planner that’s fo sure!!!! But, as we were preparing for the Tapia’s wedding/baptism the Lord blessed us with MANY tender mercies and 1 in particular I’d like to share-
Leading up to the baptism things were going well, and then Saturday came. Little things, that seemed pretty significant at the time, continued to go wrong. One in particular was that NO ONE had answered/responded to the texts and calls we sent out previously to ask someone to play the piano. We were waiting for this information so we could put it on the program. 30 minutes to the wedding and still no response, so we went ahead and made the programs without that information. In between the baptism and wedding the Elders from Livingston came to do the baptismal interlude and one of them said” Is there anyone to play the piano? If not, I’d be happy to play”.  I WAS SO HAPPY I ALMOST STARTED CRYING!!! HEAVENLY FATHER KNOWS WHAT’S UP!!!!!!! It might not even sound like alot BUT that was such a miracle for me this week!!!!
The miracle I am most grateful for is the miracle of the Atonement of Jesus Christ! I know he is beside me EVERY step of the way on this journey and I am thankful for my mission and the experiences I have had that allow me to understand and feel what HE did for me a little more each day! I LOVE YOU ALL! I FEEL YOUR LOVE AND PRAYERS! THANK YOU FOR BEING YOU! HAVE A FABULOUS WEEK





OK PPL NOT SUPER LOTS OF TIME TODAY. Lemme just say tho that this week WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!
We went to the Church Vineyard and picked grapes!! It was GRAPE (like “GREAT”get it) !!!!!! Ya manual labor is NOT mah thing but it was fun while it lasted haha!
GOT TRANSFER CALLS AND YA GIRL IS STILL REPPIN LB!!!! At this rate I’m gonna stay in LB til the day I die!!!!!!!! But honestly tho I would be SO okay with that! Ever since I got here I have wanted to finish my mission here! I ALSO GET TO KEEP MY CUTE LIL SPICY LATINA COMPANERA HNA MALPICA!!!!!!!!!!! #blessed
I got food poisoning this week from some sketch chinese place that all the Tongan members like to take us to called “#1 Chinese Buffet”. BUT I WASN’T GONNA LET THAT STOP ME!!! The Lord blessed me with enough strength to get through the day and that is a MIRACLE!!!!!
We got asked to go welcome all the new missionaries in the upcoming week in Fresno so that will be AWESOME!!!!!!
ALRIGHT THAT IS ALL FOR THIS WEEK!!!! Please enjoy these pics of dirty sweaty me and also grapes!!!!!!




THIS WEEK WAS FABULOUS!!!!!! Literally So busy tho like idk where to even begin!!!
Monday- We had district meeting and then had FHE at Oliver (our Ward Mission Leader house and he FINALLY TOLD them he was going on a mission!!!!!!! I always knew he would! He has changed SO much!!  Berry excited for him!
Tuesday- We got to do some family history with Barbara and Oceria. Berry fun. We found out that I am very much white!!!!! Whitney LITERALLY means “white island” Literally can’t get Whiter than this haha!!!!!!
Wednesday- We had exchanges and I was with Sister Dixon. I LOVE EXCHANGES BC I LEARN SOO STINKING MUCH!!!! She was like ” I don’t even think of u as my Sister Training Leader” and I was like “oh ya I keep forgetting about that”. I just work hard and love the ppl and so does Sister Dixon! Needless to say we got along gr8!!!! Not to mention, she laughed at my jokes!
Thursday- after we exchanged back we drove to chowchilla and did splits with the Sisters there bc one of them is super Sick so that was FUN! Let’s just say I’m very blessed I haven’t gotten sick on my mission yet (knock on wood) (jk bc that’s superstitious) but I WOULD TOTALLY GO NUTS being at home all day!!!! I know MOM I HAVE CHANGED ALOT LOL!!!
Friday-We found out that the Tapia’s were not married so we had to push back their d8 but ALL IS WELL!!!! It is the Lord’s timing not mine!!!!!
ok I don’t even have time to do Sunday oh well!!!!! srry peeps!!!! 2 much fun!!!


I gave Christain my old name tag and he was pretending 2 b me!!!!! He said “someone get me a grandma dress” lol

Fisher of men!!!!!!!!

Diary of a Pilgrim- AKA Sister Missionary

WOW FOLKS WHAT A WEEK!!!!! IT HAS LITERALLY just been miracle after miracle!!!! Also I am in love with Sister Malpica!!! She really brings out my spicy Latina side!!!!! BUT YA WE HAD A BUSY WEEK…

So we have been teaching the T family for like 5EVER!!!!! and there was all this drama because originally they wanted to be baptized in Oregon (she has a sister that is a member there and the Elder that started teaching them is there) SO THIS ELDER finishes his mission on AUG 15th and decides to set a baptismal date to baptize them b4 he goes home. Which alright cool as long as they are progressing towards baptism BUT THEN HE DIDNT EVEN TELL ANYONE. I love him… he is a child of God. BUTTTTT REALLY long story short, the T’s are awesome and decided that they are going to be baptized here NEXT SATURDAY THE 19th AND they are going to invite a bunch of their Non Member family #PUMPED!!!
ZONE CONFERENCE AND EXCHANGES THIS WEEK!!!! It was SO fun!!! I got to go spend a day in Madera aka literally LITTLE MEXICO with Sister Fisher!!!!! I spoke lots of spanish, ate sum posole, and fiesta-ed til curfew/pumpkin time!!!! So, this was our 1st Zone Conference with President and Sister Mackay and they were like ” we want all the Sisters to sing”. So the Gundersons- senior couple in charge of music thingys- sent us a text asking us to sing and we were like “is it mandatory tho” and they were like “ya”. So we show up and then everyone is surprised when we don’t know how to sing LOL WE TOLD Y’ALL!!!! Just bc we are sister missionaries does NOT mean that we sing and play the piano COME ON People!!!!
We ACTUALLY have a progressing investigator in the Los Banos ward- and that is a MIRACLE!!!! His name is George and he is the boyfriend of a Less Active member that just moved here! It has been so cool to see the miracles happening there after we took council from Zone Conference! They are currently living together so we had to teach the LAW OF CHASTITY- that’s always fun!!!! We taught them the doctrine on the Law of Chastity and committed them to pray and read in the Book of Mormon together and the next visit we had with them, they told us they wanted to get married! It truly is a blessing to serve in the Lord’s Vineyard!!! Especially Los Banos!! I don’t ever want to leave.
School is back and at it again here in the central valley and all my Recent Converts are attending seminary at 5:45 in the morning #dedication #veryproud!!!!!
I think that is pretty much all!!! I LOVE Y’all I HOPE YOU HAVE A FABULOUS WEEK!

Here we are…awkward smiles,pilgram skirts, & tan lines 4 dayz!!!!! Zone Conference +Exchanging back


Tongue Tacos

OK SO I HAVE been getting lotz of h8 4 the lack of pics but
2. I know all y’all read my emails to hear about my spiritual experiences so it shouldn’t really matter right???!!!

WELL DON’T WORRY… THIS WEEK I THOUGHT  I WOULD ATTACH PICS 1st since I always seem to run out of time!!!! I will do anything 4 my fanz!!!!! But ya this will be a short email. WE HAD SUCH A GREAT WEEK THIS WEEK! #whatelseisnew.  We have 8 investigators with a date and they are all AWESOME!!! We also went on exchanges this week and Sister Sprouse is SO awesome I LOVE HER!!!! We had tongue tacos!!!!!!!! yes apparently in the Hispanic culture that is a thing!!!!!😛😛😛😛😛😛
Missionary work is the BEST! I love my life! Thanks for all the prayers and emails! I LOVE YOU ALL

Hermana Whitney

Pics from Vitalia’s baptism with  the ex-companion sista J

IMG_0568 (2)IMG_0569 (4)


OKAY PARTY PPL!!!! Sorry for the lack of pics lately- ya girl broke her camera!!!!! BUT HEY ALL IS WELL IN ZION- OR SHOULD I SAY LOS BANOS!!!!!! I had SUCH a good week!
VITALIA was baptized on Sunday! WHAT a special experience! WE DIDN’T get to see her the WHOLE week bc she was at Girls Camp and Youth Conference and when she came back she was like “ya I invited like 100 people to my baptism” AND THEY ALL CAME!!!!! CAN I JUST SAY HOW MUCH I LOVE THE MERCED STAKE!!!!!! #MIGHTYMERCED5EVER. But 4 real tho, her baptism was incredible and during sacrament meeting the Bishop invited her up to share her testimony from the experience she had at girls camp and there I was just sitting in the pew thinking to myself “MAN GOD IS SO GOOD” I feel so blessed to serve here in Los Banos!!!! Sister J came to the Baptism too so that was a plus to see that cute lil gremlin!!!!
We found a new investigator this week named MYRNA and she is SO cute! She even knows a Sister in the ward already #perfect!!!! Not to mention she told us that she wants to be baptized!!!! Basically she is golden but I’ll keep ya posted on her!!!
Sister Malpica had a baptism in Lemoore so I asked Maria Juarez  (who just got baptized in april) to be my companion for the night and she SLAYED!!!! She showed up with her preach my gospel and scriptures all ready to go! MAN she is such a BALLER!!! I was like “you are such a good missionary” and she said” I know” I AM SO IN LOVE WITH HER!!!! She told me she is going on a mission- I am so pumped… MISSIONS ARE THE BEST!!!!!
Basically I just love my lyfe- I want all of you to know that I am thankful for you and your prayers! I feel ’em EVERYDAY!! Whether in our church callings, missions, or as families may we all serve because we LOVE the Lord Jesus Christ. HE is the reason for EVERY season!

I LOVE YOU ALL!!! Please email me about ALL the amazing opprotunities you have to share the gospel!!!

Hermana Whitney

(Pics taken from Sis  Jeppesen’s blog)

A few last pics with Sis  J

Zone and leadership meetings



THIS WEEK WAS FABULOUS lemme tell you…

OK SO MY NEW COMPANION IS SISTER MALPICA, A.K.A Sista Bad Spice (for all y’all that don’t speak Spanish) BUT YA we served around each other and did exchanges and all that JAZZ when I was in Fre$no. We honestly always knew we would be companions one day!!! We just always got along SUPER well (she laughs at all my jokes) BUT YA the Lord knows whats up bc we gonna WRECK LOS BANOS!!!!!!!
2 of our investigators went to GIRLS CAMP this morning BRIGHT and EARLY @ 4:50 in the morning lol #dedication!!!! As we were helping them prepare it brought back SO MANY MEMORIES!!!! Just wanna take the time to FORMALLY apologize to anyone that knew me at grills camp bc I HAD SUCH A BAD ATTITUDE!!!! Thank goodness for change!!!!
We taught Barbara this week and she has been pretty sick- we just didn’t realize how sick- BUT we were in the middle of sharing a video and she PASSED OUT!!! I HAD NO IDEA WHAT TO DO!!!!! Her son was in there and he was just like “Mom wake up” and the video is still playing and I’m just like “Did I just see someone die?” BUT She came thru and apparently that happens ALL the time. Talk about CRAZY!!!!!!
We went to go teach some investigators in a trailer park-what else is new tho?!? AND WE SAW SOMEONE get arrested!!!! There were like 3 cop cars and we were just standing there like” wut do we do” SO ya that was fun!!!!!
IT WAS A FULL and EVENTFULL week! What was even more awesome was to teach repentance! There is rly nothing better than a mission!!!! If you can’t decide…JUST GO!!!! Everything else will fall into place. Put the Lord first and heed his call!!!

Hermana Whitney