They are the cutest kids on the planet. Their families all really struggle, so it was a HUGE blessing to see them all enter the waters of baptism this week. Sometimes the thought of these peoples or new members future keeps me up at night. What will happen to them when I (or any other missionary) leave?? I would like to challenge ALL of you to get involved in your individual wards and FIND people you don’t know and REACH out to them. Read the talk ” To the Rescue: We can do it” by Mervyn B. Arnold. Literally helped me so MUCH to understand that PART of bring souls to Christ MEANS helping to KEEP these souls active in the church and STAY centered on Christ. That is why MEMBERS are the most important part of missionary work!

So we have been trying to do this in our own area and just pick out all the names on the directory that we do not know. While looking through the Mercy Springs ward list, we found a family and went to go see them. When we knocked on the door, the man told us that the Sanchez family had moved a long time ago, and wasn’t interested (he was like, in his 30’s). Later that week we saw this hooligan teenage boy walking down the sidewalk and ran to talk to him. He was SUPER NICE, and told us that he didn’t understand how he received answers to prayers when he “never got the answer he wanted”. We shared with him the plan of salvation, and gave him our phone number and drove away. After realizing we didn’t get his address, we speeded back ( pretty much stalker style lol) and asked him if we could come to his house, and he said of course! A couple of days later, we went to his house, and it was the same house as the guy that had told us that the Sanchez family had moved! A different man opened the door, and said “Sisters!!!!”. We were so confused. He had moved here a while ago from Atwater, and is a less active member!!! THERE ARE NO COINCIDENCES!!! His step-son was the boy that we had stopped on the street a couple of days ago! His step-dad told us that he knew he had to get back, but he just felt so unworthy. We talked about the Atonement with him, and he cried and told us to come back and teach his family! He has another son, and is living with his girlfriend. SO COOL WE ARE PUMPED.
It was My cute companion SISTA J’s birthday this week, so we got to celebrate and it was AWESOME!!!! I LOVE HER SO MUCH. This is your bday S/O @ sisterjeppesen…

The Juarez’s threw her a lil surprise party and it was ADORABLE!!!! We also got to peel onions and talk about the plan of salvation with our investigator Jenny and her mom! Call me self reliant!!!!!

I think that’s all!!!! Peace and BLESSINS

Hermana Whitney

BAUTISMO BOI Preston & Diana)


Wendy’s 4for4 4 da Birthday GIRL




This week has been LIT!!!! President Clark was right when he said SISTER JEPPESEN AND I WOULD BE A LETHAL TEAM! We are too similar sometimes it kills me. We will start with the lows for this week- We ran out of food and survived on bolli-          (Mexican popsicles) this week. We also got locked out of the apartment (LOL THX 4 FORGETTING THE KEYS SISTER JEPPESEN GEEZE) . BUT RIGHT AS I WAS ABOUT TO CLIMB THE BACK OF OUR FENCE- we discovered a fence door that we didn’t even know we had ahah.

THE WILLIAMS FAMILY CAME TO CHURCH THIS WEEK!!!!!!!!!! They are an amazing example of living the gospel! Chyna- the 15 yr old- gave a book of Mormon to her friend! SO CUTE. Keep them in your prayers though, they are going through a lot in their family right now… Their date is set for May 21st.
We were able to find so many cool new investigators through less actives it was so awesome!  PEACE LOVE Part Member FAMILIES!!!!
I think that’s about all! THX 4 all YOUR LOVE AND SUPPORT


LOOK @ THIS MAGNIFICENT GARDEN SCULPTURE. I MADE sis. Jeppesen Turn the Car around so I could get a pic.

2. To all my haters

3. Do y’all think it’s gonna rain today bc I sense THUNDER & LIGHTNING. oh wait that’s just sis Jeppesen lol.


Okay but 4realz… the best week of my lyfe


1. THE JUAREZS WERE BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It was the best week of my life I can’t even explain. The Juarez family is LITERALLY my family like I must be somehow related, they are my best friends. I KNOW I met them in the pre-mortal life and we like practiced this whole thing.
Their whole story started with their brother and sister that live in sacramento- and the elders knocked on their door RIGHT WHEN THEY WERE TALKING ABOUT HOW THEY WANT TO JOIN A CHURCH LOL
anyways- they got baptized 2 months later. AND THEN WE GOT A REFERRAL FOR THE REST OF THE JUAREZ FAM.

ANYWAYS. Their brother and sister from Sacramento drove down here for their baptism! IT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL. Their brother is so cute.HE GOT US FLOWERS AFTER THEIR CONFIRMATION. I was just like thinking ” WOW okay but I LITERALLY DID NOTHING” They were just SO PREPARED. They crack me up. They always try to teach me and Sister Jeppesen Slang Spanish- they call me Chaparita (lil shawtie)
It was THE MOST BEAUTIFUL BAPTISM EVER. They wrote their testimonies and bore them after they were baptized. LATER that day Maria was like” Hey is there I book that could help me prepare to be a missionary” and Elisabeth ” Hey can we come knock doors and like have our friends come to our house to have lessons with you?”


3. New investigator- Robert Fargo. WHAT A MIRACLE. Was taught like everything 1 year ago and then his records were lost or something when the missionaries got transferred? Anyways. We asked him if he had kept reading in the Book of Mormon for the last year and he looked down in SHAME, and said “I won’t lie sisters, I haven’t read in three days, but I really try”.
so yeah he’ll be baptized.

FAM+ FRIENDS. The blessing of missionary work never cease to AMAZE me. I encourage you all to do a lil something more this week to open your mouth and share the gospel. You WILL be blessed. I love Alma 36:24-30. IT PUTS INTO WORDS WHAT I’M TRYING TO SAY SO PLS READ IT AND APPLY IT. ILY.

Hermana Whitney




With my zone at the temple

On Monday we met our investigators Elisabeth and Maria in Merced to go shopping during Preparation Day!!!! We also got to go to their house for dinner and took a less active YW with us. After the lesson the less active young woman was like ” wow I should go to seminary with y’all, let me get your number”. WHEN YOUR INVESTIGATORS REACTIVATE YO LESS ACTIVES #WIN.

On Tuesday we got to go to the Temple. Seriously #blessed to be able to attend the temple in this mission. I LOOK FORWARD TO IT SO MUCH & I always leave feeling peace!

On Wednesday we went to see Sister Stenberg. She is SUPA old and has lots of health probs so she doesn’t get out to church often. But, SHe called us and asked if we could come over, and when we came SHE BOUGHT US CHOCOLATE BUNNIES FOR EASTER!!! SO CUTE. She is literally SUCH a firecracker. Her IPAD background in Matthew Mahoney lol I can’t spell to save my life BUT it’s the actor in “How to lose a guy in 10 days” OK IT WAS FUNNY.

Thursday & Saturday. Um well I literally remember nothing from these days. BUT I’M SURE THEY WERE FAB BC being a missionary is fab!!

Friday We went to a Brother Guzmons house and HE IS SO NICE. He has been trying to come back to church and he gave us a BUNCH of food and asked if we could teach him and his Sister’s fam the discussions. SO CUTE
OK OK SO SUNDAY WAS EASTER AND IT WAS AMAZING!!!! We focused on WHY we celebrate Easter in like ALL aspects of the work this week. Whether with members or contacting folks off the street. YOU WOULD BE SHOCKED HOW MANY PPL DO NOT KNOW WHY WE CELEBRATE EASTER. I just want All y’all to know that I have a testimony that Jesus is the Christ. And that he LIVES. And because he LIVES, we can live this life in JOY and HOPE. We can belive in the Savior and his Promises. OKok I’m done. BUT Y’ALL DAVID A BEDNAR SPOKE AT STAKE CONFERENCE. I MET AN APOSTLE OF THE LORD. So at 8:30 we had a meeting for all recent converts & Investigators ( We had 4 Recent converts and 5 Investigators go). AND HE SPOKE AND IT WAS AWESOME. He did Like a Q and A sort of deal. After the meeting everyone got to shake his hand. It was a SUPER small meeting- very exclusive. haha jk but I got to shake his hand too and this is how it went.

Me: Thanks so much. Nice to meet you.
David A Bednar Apostle of the Lord: Sister Whitney where are you from?
Me:* Stutters* ahhhAHH Texas.
David A Bednar Apostle of the Lord: No. your ancestry.
Me: Oh. Well I am related to Newel K. Whitney.
David A Bednar Apostle of the Lord: We are cousins then! *Gives me a fist bump.*

LITERA:LLY so cool. His Talk in Stake Conference was AIMED at people not of our faith… it was SOOO Cool.
I also really enjoyed our Stake President’s Talk. He challenged us ALL to read the Living Christ as individuals and families and to pray about it. SO I WANT TO EXTEND THE SAME INVITATION TO ALL Y’ALL AS WELL> I know that as you do this, you will be so blessed. The testimonies of our modern day prophets, seers, and revelators, will help those who are struggling with their own testimonies to recognize the miracle and gift of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Ok well, I think that is all!! Stay Classy.
Love, Hermana Whitney



OK sorry I missed all yall last week week!! I went to YOSEMITE!!!!!! So, I didn’t have time for emails:(
So basically there is nothing greater than being a missionary in the California Fresno mission and there were SOOOO many miracles that happened this week imma have to do this bullet point style:
Yosemite- Yosemite was GOURGEOUS. A bunch of missionaries got to go and we even got to hand out a few pass-along cards:) Woke up at 5:30 #worth it!
Zone Conference- I LOVE ZONE CONFERENCES! I always just come away and want to be better! 1 thing I took away was the Law of Sacrifice vs. the Law of Obedience. It goes back to the quote ” Obedience brings blessings, EXACT OBEDIENCE brings MIRACLES”. What are YOU willing to sacrifice to be a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ?
The Harris Family- We have been trying to visit all the Less-Active on our Ward directory and so We went to visit a less active Sister and ended up meeting a Lady that’s a member and hasn’t been to church in 30 years and she wants to come back to church and she has a 15, 12, and 31 yr old!!!! WE HAVE MET WITH THEM EVERY DAY THIS WEEK AND THEY HAVE ACCEPTED A BAPTISIMAL INVITATION AND THEY LOVE THE GOSPEL!!! IT IS SO COOL.
Jenny- We were visiting another name on the list and came across 20 yr old Jenny (Sister of a less active that actually moved). She was almost baptized 2 yrs ago and then she moved. She said “all that was left to do was get in the water” AND SHE WANTS TO MEET WITH US!!! SO COOL
Andres and Oscar- So we were walking and we started talking to this guy named Andres. He has recently come to believe in God and was so excited about the Book of Mormon. We had an app. to meet with him after Church and HE BROUGHT A FRIEND NAMED OSCAR WHO KNEW OUR OTHER INVESTIGATORS, THE JUAREZ GIRLS!!! So ya we had a lesson with 4 investigators at church!!!!!! It was lit.
THE JUAREZ family- Ok BUT LIKE 4 REALZ. Maria and Elisabeth Juarez are the MOST prepared people I have ever met. Elisabeth(17) and Maria(20) have been going to SEMINARY and they bring Non Member friends to like all our meetings. They are so awesome.
General Conference- We watched the SUnday afternoon session of General Conference and had an investigator with us!!! His name is Aaron (16) and he is the nephew of a recent convert! There was a SUPER COOL talked aimed at INV. By Elder Costa and Aaron LOVED it.
So ya basically LYFE IS AWESOME & I have never been happier. I got pics on pics from this week so I’ll send them all in another email!!!!

Keep it 100,
Hermana Whitney

1. $elfies 4 dayz
2. ME AND MY TRAINER IN YOSEMITE. Which view is better idk
4. Missionaries trying to be cheerleaders?????
5. We still Ghetto tho
7. Bird poop, Bom, and TANLINEZ
8. ELISABETH did a project about MORMONS for School!!!!
9. Tostito LOCO from a Hispanic Less Active Fam. #GRACIAS!!
10. straight cheesin
11. ADAM (our 11 yr old inv) drew a portrite of us!!!
12. What Andres said when he read the BOOK OF MORMON!!!! #prepared

13. Zone Conference




Zone Conference

The following is stolen from President Clark’s CFM blog:

How do you have the best Mission in the world? Fill it up with the best Missionaries in the world. Every six weeks Sister Clark and I love the time we spend with all the Missionaries in personal interviews (President Clark) and training (Sister Clark). It never gets old being with these wonderful Elders and Sisters!

Merced Zone
District: M-2

Elder Wilmoth, Hermana Whitney, Hermana Jeppesen, Elder Estrada, Elder Flores, Elder Almeida, Elder Wright, Elder Strommen, Elder & Sister VanUitert, Elder & Sister Richards


No email today. Just these pics that some lovely person texted to the mom. It basically makes my life when I get texts with pictures of my favorite missionary. ❤❤❤❤IMG_3613IMG_3612IMG_3615


Abel’s baptism 🙂
Danielle’s baptism ❤

Where do I even start??? It has been SUCH an awesome week!!! Highlight of the week was Sunday! We had 2 baptisms! 1 for the Los Banos ward and 1 for the Mercy Springs ward:) Danielle is 11 and is SO cute. Her dad, Danny, is a Recent convert of like 3 weeks and he got to baptize her!! She had to do it twice bc she didn’t go all the way under the 1st time and on the 2nd time there was a loud THUNK bc she hit something on the way down. BUT it was so awesome. She invited her friend to come and her friend came up to us after and said ” Hey if I get baptized today do I have to ask my Mom”. HAha and Danielle told her ” the missionaries and I will come to your house”. HOW CUTE IS THAT!!.

We also had Abel’s Baptism yesterday and he was my first EVER all SPANISH baptism. Now lemme tell y’all it doesn’t matter WHAT language you speak, because the language of the SPIRT touches all. His baptism was BEAUTIFUL. He is 19 and only speaks Spanish. He goes to high school and moved here from Mexico a yr ago. HE HAS SO MUCH FAITH its CRAZY. His family wasn’t super excited about his decision but it was super COOL because they ended up coming to the baptism and feeling the spirit<3

Benjamin is a recent convert as well, he was baptized like right before I got here BUT ITS SO COOL because he is going to bear his testimony at Stake Conference. He speaks only Spanish too, he is like my grandpa!! But, he is so excited! AND DAVID A. BEDNAR is going to be at the MERCED stake conference HOW COOL IS THAT!!!

Man, I am just so grateful to be here! Thank you for all the love and support and prayers. I have the best family, friendz, and fans EVER!!!!

Stay Classy,
Hermana B

Waters of Mormon

HOLA PEEPS!!! I don’t know if I have ever told y’all this before but I FREAKING love my mission. If you have the opportunity to serve a mission JUST do it. When young men choose not to serve full time missions it LITERALLY frustrates God’s plan for them. Same goes for Young Women. These are not the last days… these are the VERY last days and we need the valiant and strong sons and daughters of God that were prepared for this generation to fufill the commitments they made in the pre-mortal life and serve missions. OK soapbox done!!!

I LOVE MY NEW AREA!!! Los Banos is so awesome. I have gotten to use my Spanish SO MUCH… bless up. I am still learning and getting better each and everyday BUT THE GIFT OF TOUNGES IS REAL! So I’m covering 2 wards now. The Los Banos Ward & the Mercy Springs Ward. The Mercy Springs ward is English and has Spanish AND wait for it… TONGAN groups. AND yes do not worry, I WILL be learning the Haka;) We taught SO many people this week, like HONESTLY they should re-name this place Waters of Mormon bc baptisms on baptisms. I don’t know if I have ever been in a more fertile area haha. My 1st day I asked Hermana Jeppsen( WHO IS SO COOL BTW) “Is this like the normal everyday, because this is AWESOME?”. The answer is yes. There are legit miracles in this area EVERY DAY!!!

Hmmm Some funny things from this week-

-Another Hispanic guy asked my if I was Hispanic. Or if my parents were Hispanic. Um. No. Just rly white sorry!!!!!
-Sister Jeppesen & I know A BUNCH of the same ppl from BYU hahah
-Our investigator Abel lives in house 679 and his Dog only has one eye so basically he’s Fetty Wap. (Famous rapper)
– We met a bunch of Samoans and they were all smoking pot and asked us what our opinion on weed was. We ended up giving them all copies of the Book of Mormon and teaching a lesson lol.


2. Abel’s Dog-Fetty
3. Sister Jeppesen and I. Thugs or Sister Missionaries IDK
4. Just a few of my fave things in Fre$no. Sister Jeppesen and Gucci Mane (another famous rapper)



IMG_3455.JPGALRIGHT ALRIGHT ALRIGHT!!!!! WASSUP PARTY PEOPLE???!!!! So it has been a SUPA awesome and CRAZY BUSY WEEK!!!!! So we had Special Opps. It is a program where the youth in the stake go stay the weekend with the full time missionaries!! IT WAS LIT. Cute lil Sister Whitney Dickman fit RIGHT IN. She was even there for the CRAZY news of transfer calls. AND GUESS WHAT … YA GRILL IS GETTING TRANSFERRED AGAIN!! I’M HEADED TO Los Banos tomorrow to be companions with CUTE SISTER JEPPSEN ( WHO I KNEW b4 THE MISH FROM BYU) !!!! I am so sad to leave the Dakota Ward but I am PUMPED to learn some spanish (finally haaaha). I have to go get packing but I can’t wait to tell all y’all about LOS BANOS next Monday!!!!!

Stay Classy,
Hermana B