THIS WEEK HAS BEEN AWESOME!!!!!!!! It has been SO busy and HOT!!!! I wouldn’t have it any other way tho:) Imma do this bullet point style so I can hit all da highlights
We had exchanges again and I went to Merced with Sister Troseth-SUPA FUN!!!!!!
We were also able to go to the temple. I seriously love going to the temple SOOOOO much!!! It is so peaceful and rewarding!
All 5 People we have with a baptismal d8 were at church yesterday #BLESSUP
Sister Jeppesen and I spoke in sacrament with Elizabeth and Maria Juarez!!!! They were just baptized like a couple moths ago and it was AWESOME!!!!!!! They are so SOLID!!!!
IT IS MY PADRES anniversary so everyone give em a hug for me!!!
Also our apartment flooded haha
Okay thats about all I got time for BUT I LOVE YOU!!!! KEEP SHARING THE GOSPEL!!! I MISS ALL Y’ALL BERRY MUCH🍓

Herman Whitney

IMG_0516 (2)This is Christian. HE IS LITERALLY THE COOLEST person I know-he is also 12. He finna get baptized!!!



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