This week was awesome. THE JUAREZ’s SISTER MARCELA and her daughter EMILEY came to church on SUNDAY and it was lit!!!!!! Other than that things are just same old same old. Spreading salvation like it’s my name and inviting ppl to repent like it’s my game!!!!!!!!!!!! No,but rly LIFE IS THE BEST when you just focus and center in the gospel. I feel inspired to share this talk with all y’all about missionary work bc IF I KNOW ANYTHING IT IS THAT YOU DO NOT NEED A NAMETAG TO BE A MISSIONARY. AKA U R A MISSIONARY. I LOVED this talk from Gorden B. Hinckley and invite you all to read it!!!! It’s called “Find the Lambs, Feed the Sheep”

OKAY I LOVE Y’ALL SOOOO MUCH!!!!!! MI$$ you keep me updated on y’alls lives!!!!
Hermana Whitneyđź’Ş


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