S/O to all da MOMS up in here!!!!!!! I am SOOO thankful for all of the righteous and Christ-like women I have had as example in my life… ESPECIALLY MY MOM!!!!!!!!

Highlight of the week was probably getting to skype with my fam they are SO stinking adorable.
We were able to teach a BUNCH of Less-Active/ Part-Member families this week, just by going through the Ward directory!!! In fact we invited ourselves over for dinner at a couple of their houses- It was awesome!!! One of them,Hermana Campos, invited a friend to come to dinner as well!!! His name is Benji and he ended up becoming a new investigator!!!!
We also brought out a Less-Active Sister to teach an investigator with us and it totally strengthened her testimony.
WE FINALLY got a baptism font key so ya girl doesn’t have to pick the lock with a butter knife lol
We met a sister that I’m pretty sure was schizophrenic- we were in this apartment complex and I TOLD SISTER JEPPESEN “Hey I’m pretty sure this is a like assisted living center” buuuttt we went anyways. Well she was just a little nuts and she told us about the witches that had been hunting her family for centuries and are trying to kill her, and about the girl that stole her life in North Carolina, how God wanted her to be a famous and rich singer etc… SO YA that was quiet the experience!!!!!
I also have some fun and exciting news!!!!!!! I HIT MAH 9 months!!! So imma send y”all the best pics from my honorary 9 month photo shoot!!!!!!!!! You are welcome.
IMG_4011Peace and blessing$,
Hermana Whitney


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