They are the cutest kids on the planet. Their families all really struggle, so it was a HUGE blessing to see them all enter the waters of baptism this week. Sometimes the thought of these peoples or new members future keeps me up at night. What will happen to them when I (or any other missionary) leave?? I would like to challenge ALL of you to get involved in your individual wards and FIND people you don’t know and REACH out to them. Read the talk ” To the Rescue: We can do it” by Mervyn B. Arnold. Literally helped me so MUCH to understand that PART of bring souls to Christ MEANS helping to KEEP these souls active in the church and STAY centered on Christ. That is why MEMBERS are the most important part of missionary work!

So we have been trying to do this in our own area and just pick out all the names on the directory that we do not know. While looking through the Mercy Springs ward list, we found a family and went to go see them. When we knocked on the door, the man told us that the Sanchez family had moved a long time ago, and wasn’t interested (he was like, in his 30’s). Later that week we saw this hooligan teenage boy walking down the sidewalk and ran to talk to him. He was SUPER NICE, and told us that he didn’t understand how he received answers to prayers when he “never got the answer he wanted”. We shared with him the plan of salvation, and gave him our phone number and drove away. After realizing we didn’t get his address, we speeded back ( pretty much stalker style lol) and asked him if we could come to his house, and he said of course! A couple of days later, we went to his house, and it was the same house as the guy that had told us that the Sanchez family had moved! A different man opened the door, and said “Sisters!!!!”. We were so confused. He had moved here a while ago from Atwater, and is a less active member!!! THERE ARE NO COINCIDENCES!!! His step-son was the boy that we had stopped on the street a couple of days ago! His step-dad told us that he knew he had to get back, but he just felt so unworthy. We talked about the Atonement with him, and he cried and told us to come back and teach his family! He has another son, and is living with his girlfriend. SO COOL WE ARE PUMPED.
It was My cute companion SISTA J’s birthday this week, so we got to celebrate and it was AWESOME!!!! I LOVE HER SO MUCH. This is your bday S/O @ sisterjeppesen…

The Juarez’s threw her a lil surprise party and it was ADORABLE!!!! We also got to peel onions and talk about the plan of salvation with our investigator Jenny and her mom! Call me self reliant!!!!!

I think that’s all!!!! Peace and BLESSINS

Hermana Whitney

BAUTISMO BOI Preston & Diana)


Wendy’s 4for4 4 da Birthday GIRL



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