With my zone at the temple

On Monday we met our investigators Elisabeth and Maria in Merced to go shopping during Preparation Day!!!! We also got to go to their house for dinner and took a less active YW with us. After the lesson the less active young woman was like ” wow I should go to seminary with y’all, let me get your number”. WHEN YOUR INVESTIGATORS REACTIVATE YO LESS ACTIVES #WIN.

On Tuesday we got to go to the Temple. Seriously #blessed to be able to attend the temple in this mission. I LOOK FORWARD TO IT SO MUCH & I always leave feeling peace!

On Wednesday we went to see Sister Stenberg. She is SUPA old and has lots of health probs so she doesn’t get out to church often. But, SHe called us and asked if we could come over, and when we came SHE BOUGHT US CHOCOLATE BUNNIES FOR EASTER!!! SO CUTE. She is literally SUCH a firecracker. Her IPAD background in Matthew Mahoney lol I can’t spell to save my life BUT it’s the actor in “How to lose a guy in 10 days” OK IT WAS FUNNY.

Thursday & Saturday. Um well I literally remember nothing from these days. BUT I’M SURE THEY WERE FAB BC being a missionary is fab!!

Friday We went to a Brother Guzmons house and HE IS SO NICE. He has been trying to come back to church and he gave us a BUNCH of food and asked if we could teach him and his Sister’s fam the discussions. SO CUTE
OK OK SO SUNDAY WAS EASTER AND IT WAS AMAZING!!!! We focused on WHY we celebrate Easter in like ALL aspects of the work this week. Whether with members or contacting folks off the street. YOU WOULD BE SHOCKED HOW MANY PPL DO NOT KNOW WHY WE CELEBRATE EASTER. I just want All y’all to know that I have a testimony that Jesus is the Christ. And that he LIVES. And because he LIVES, we can live this life in JOY and HOPE. We can belive in the Savior and his Promises. OKok I’m done. BUT Y’ALL DAVID A BEDNAR SPOKE AT STAKE CONFERENCE. I MET AN APOSTLE OF THE LORD. So at 8:30 we had a meeting for all recent converts & Investigators ( We had 4 Recent converts and 5 Investigators go). AND HE SPOKE AND IT WAS AWESOME. He did Like a Q and A sort of deal. After the meeting everyone got to shake his hand. It was a SUPER small meeting- very exclusive. haha jk but I got to shake his hand too and this is how it went.

Me: Thanks so much. Nice to meet you.
David A Bednar Apostle of the Lord: Sister Whitney where are you from?
Me:* Stutters* ahhhAHH Texas.
David A Bednar Apostle of the Lord: No. your ancestry.
Me: Oh. Well I am related to Newel K. Whitney.
David A Bednar Apostle of the Lord: We are cousins then! *Gives me a fist bump.*

LITERA:LLY so cool. His Talk in Stake Conference was AIMED at people not of our faith… it was SOOO Cool.
I also really enjoyed our Stake President’s Talk. He challenged us ALL to read the Living Christ as individuals and families and to pray about it. SO I WANT TO EXTEND THE SAME INVITATION TO ALL Y’ALL AS WELL> I know that as you do this, you will be so blessed. The testimonies of our modern day prophets, seers, and revelators, will help those who are struggling with their own testimonies to recognize the miracle and gift of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Ok well, I think that is all!! Stay Classy.
Love, Hermana Whitney



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