OK sorry I missed all yall last week week!! I went to YOSEMITE!!!!!! So, I didn’t have time for emails:(
So basically there is nothing greater than being a missionary in the California Fresno mission and there were SOOOO many miracles that happened this week imma have to do this bullet point style:
Yosemite- Yosemite was GOURGEOUS. A bunch of missionaries got to go and we even got to hand out a few pass-along cards:) Woke up at 5:30 #worth it!
Zone Conference- I LOVE ZONE CONFERENCES! I always just come away and want to be better! 1 thing I took away was the Law of Sacrifice vs. the Law of Obedience. It goes back to the quote ” Obedience brings blessings, EXACT OBEDIENCE brings MIRACLES”. What are YOU willing to sacrifice to be a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ?
The Harris Family- We have been trying to visit all the Less-Active on our Ward directory and so We went to visit a less active Sister and ended up meeting a Lady that’s a member and hasn’t been to church in 30 years and she wants to come back to church and she has a 15, 12, and 31 yr old!!!! WE HAVE MET WITH THEM EVERY DAY THIS WEEK AND THEY HAVE ACCEPTED A BAPTISIMAL INVITATION AND THEY LOVE THE GOSPEL!!! IT IS SO COOL.
Jenny- We were visiting another name on the list and came across 20 yr old Jenny (Sister of a less active that actually moved). She was almost baptized 2 yrs ago and then she moved. She said “all that was left to do was get in the water” AND SHE WANTS TO MEET WITH US!!! SO COOL
Andres and Oscar- So we were walking and we started talking to this guy named Andres. He has recently come to believe in God and was so excited about the Book of Mormon. We had an app. to meet with him after Church and HE BROUGHT A FRIEND NAMED OSCAR WHO KNEW OUR OTHER INVESTIGATORS, THE JUAREZ GIRLS!!! So ya we had a lesson with 4 investigators at church!!!!!! It was lit.
THE JUAREZ family- Ok BUT LIKE 4 REALZ. Maria and Elisabeth Juarez are the MOST prepared people I have ever met. Elisabeth(17) and Maria(20) have been going to SEMINARY and they bring Non Member friends to like all our meetings. They are so awesome.
General Conference- We watched the SUnday afternoon session of General Conference and had an investigator with us!!! His name is Aaron (16) and he is the nephew of a recent convert! There was a SUPER COOL talked aimed at INV. By Elder Costa and Aaron LOVED it.
So ya basically LYFE IS AWESOME & I have never been happier. I got pics on pics from this week so I’ll send them all in another email!!!!

Keep it 100,
Hermana Whitney

1. $elfies 4 dayz
2. ME AND MY TRAINER IN YOSEMITE. Which view is better idk
4. Missionaries trying to be cheerleaders?????
5. We still Ghetto tho
7. Bird poop, Bom, and TANLINEZ
8. ELISABETH did a project about MORMONS for School!!!!
9. Tostito LOCO from a Hispanic Less Active Fam. #GRACIAS!!
10. straight cheesin
11. ADAM (our 11 yr old inv) drew a portrite of us!!!
12. What Andres said when he read the BOOK OF MORMON!!!! #prepared

13. Zone Conference





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