Abel’s baptism 🙂
Danielle’s baptism ❤

Where do I even start??? It has been SUCH an awesome week!!! Highlight of the week was Sunday! We had 2 baptisms! 1 for the Los Banos ward and 1 for the Mercy Springs ward:) Danielle is 11 and is SO cute. Her dad, Danny, is a Recent convert of like 3 weeks and he got to baptize her!! She had to do it twice bc she didn’t go all the way under the 1st time and on the 2nd time there was a loud THUNK bc she hit something on the way down. BUT it was so awesome. She invited her friend to come and her friend came up to us after and said ” Hey if I get baptized today do I have to ask my Mom”. HAha and Danielle told her ” the missionaries and I will come to your house”. HOW CUTE IS THAT!!.

We also had Abel’s Baptism yesterday and he was my first EVER all SPANISH baptism. Now lemme tell y’all it doesn’t matter WHAT language you speak, because the language of the SPIRT touches all. His baptism was BEAUTIFUL. He is 19 and only speaks Spanish. He goes to high school and moved here from Mexico a yr ago. HE HAS SO MUCH FAITH its CRAZY. His family wasn’t super excited about his decision but it was super COOL because they ended up coming to the baptism and feeling the spirit<3

Benjamin is a recent convert as well, he was baptized like right before I got here BUT ITS SO COOL because he is going to bear his testimony at Stake Conference. He speaks only Spanish too, he is like my grandpa!! But, he is so excited! AND DAVID A. BEDNAR is going to be at the MERCED stake conference HOW COOL IS THAT!!!

Man, I am just so grateful to be here! Thank you for all the love and support and prayers. I have the best family, friendz, and fans EVER!!!!

Stay Classy,
Hermana B


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