HOLA franz!!!

So this week has been good and bad!!! I’ll start with the Bad, and end with the Good! So, Angel was supposed to get baptized this Saturday but her date will have to be pushed back. She isn’t ready:(
The GOOD!!  We had interviews with President Clark this week and it was AWESOME! I just love learning from him. He is so inspired. We also got to go to the temple this week WHICH WAS AWESOME! Every time I go to the temple I just feel SO peaceful, it’s the best.
OK so imma get on a soapbox here for a quick sec ok!!! Beware!! This Sunday was ward conference and EVERYTHING was basically centered on Family history work and I just felt the spirit so strong! Family History is SO important and I need to DO IT!! The Stake President invited us all to find 1 NAME and take it to the temple in this year! And I want to extend the same invitation to all of y’all!! Please don’t make excuses- and just DO IT! I know that there are people that are just WAITING to receive these ordinances! So When you do it- EMAIL me and tell me about what a cool experience it was. Because I KNOW it will be:) OK soapbox over.
Anyways, I love y’all and I am so grateful for you. I feel your love and prayers. HAVE A FABULOUS WEEK!!!

OH ALSO BEST NEWS EVER!!! CARLA, one of my converts from Lemoore, emailed me and said her Husband is getting baptized! THE SPIRIT is strong up in here!!! The church is TRUE and the book is BLUE!

Hugs and Handshakes,
Hermana B

Fresno East Zone Conference

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