Sorry for no Email last week- Had to get my companion to Choir practice!! So nothing TOO Crazy from these past couple weeks. We celebrated New Years and were in by 6:00 P.M so that was LIT! I’m pretty sure I just went to bed haha.
We had 4 Investigators come to church  AND ANGEL is solid for baptism!! So that is super exciting!! She is 13 and is LITERALLY just like me, it’s so funny. Her Dad was less active for like Umpteen YEARS and is starting to come back to church as well. SO it’s pretty much AWESOME to be a missionary.
HOLY COW. It has been raining like every day so that is good!!! People feel really bad for us just standing outside in the rain, so they invite us in, it’s awesome!!
We visited some members this week and they showed us this object lesson that went along with our lesson and it was SUPER COOL. So the empty Tea Bag burns down on your hand and JUST before it burns you it like FLOATS up. It is SUPER cool and is just like Faith. The Miracle doesn’t come before the trial of our faith!! So no matter how bleak things seem right now- HAVE FAITH AND KNOW THE BEST IS YET TO COME!

OKAY, Love y’all and hope you have a fab week,
Hermana B


My companion being brave for the object lesson.  Me freaking out


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