Seriously best week EVER! I love Christmas. So leading up to Christmas we did lots of caroling because people are out of town, so we met a bunch of people and they seemed to really enjoy it. ALSO haha we ran into a less active boy from the ward who was hoopin it up outside and we said that if I made a basket him and his friend would have to come carol with us, AND I DID!! Bless up #notluck #thespirit;)

I GOT TO GO BACK TO MY LAST AREA FOR A BAPTISM. 3 of my investigators got baptized. IT WAS seriously the BEST Christmas Present ever!! The spirit is like the only thing that makes me cry and DANG the spirit was strong because I was in tears during the closing song. Missionary work is just the greatest. I decided I like watching peoples testimonies grow BETTER than I like watching netflix. Like alot better haha.

Christmas Eve we went to a members home and enjoyed Dinner and then went to the WORLD FAMOUS or FRESNO FAMOUS Christmas Tree Lane. Basically every house on this street goes HARD for Christmas. LIKE all out. It was awesome.

Christmas Day We went to church and our whole program was basically music and SURPRISE ya girl is in the Choir. Only because my companion is like a disney princess tho. But that was way fun. And my lil ward is so cute they gave us a bunch of gifts and put them in a pillow case and called them stockings. Seriously so sweet. THEN I GOT TO TALK TO MY FAM!!! It was so awesome. I miss those people. Everyone is SO good and also they GOT A DOG?!?!?      I hope they aren’t trying to replace me because I am irreplaceable 😉

At Carla’s baptism 
At Lily and Leilani’s baptism
Shout out to grandma for the cute PJs. Shout out to parents for the good genes (also for sending me stuff 😉


pEACE OUT 2016

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