So Yes I got transferred and I’m livin the dream here in FRESNO- well actually it’s right next to Fresno called Clovis- BUT YA. I love my new ward. There are some AWESOME member Missionaries and FAB youth. So it’s a party. But, this week I got to welcome in the New missionaries and take them out for a “open your mouth” experience. IT WAS SUPA FUN!! President Clark also pulled me aside and told me that he just had the same prompting over and over that I NEEDED to be in this ward- even though it is an English ward and Sister Tyler(my new comp) is an English missionary.
I have NO doubt this is where I am supposed to be. Whether I am speaking English, Spanish or Pig Latin,  as long as I’m teaching the same message I am LIVING MY PURPOSE!!!

Other fun times this week! So Sister Tyler and I, and two other missionaries went to Cafe Rio for luch today and A MEMBER THERE offered to pay for our lunch. SO SWEET. THEN the guy sitting next to us (who ended up being a less active member) started sharing his mission experiences from his mission and then gave us all 20 bucks to go buy something for Christmas. SO SWEET. So basically I AM just so pumped for Christmas its gonna be AWESOME! AND I LOVE Y’ALL

Hermana Whitney

With my new companion Sister Tyler 

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