So THIS is why missions are hard!!!!


So Lets start out with the good part of the week!!! UM our ward had a Christmas party on Friday and it was LIT!! Yes I begged Santa for a picture and told him he “smelled like beef and chesse”. Just kidding I didn’t do that, it wouldn’t be dignified;) But ya, we had 4 investigators come so it was super AWESOME. They all had a great time and then people brought friends, so there was a BUNCH of non -members and LDS ppl there. It was like a gold mine. Like I said- LIT!

So ya that was Friday, then Saturday night we had transfer calls…. ALL is well here in Sunny CA, but I found out that I am being transferred to a different area that’s like East of Fresno (like an hour or so from where I am serving now). So I actually had a feeling that I was being transferred so I had been mentally preparing and when it was confirmed I was like “ya ok, this is good. I am excited to meet new people and to learn more from others etc..” No big deal. So then comes Sunday. And We had 3 investigators at church and 2 of them are getting baptized this Saturday (the 17th) and the other on the 23rd of December. So I kind of just pushed the thought of saying goodbye out of my mind TIL MY COMPANION mentioned that I was leaving during class. Hindsight- I’m glad she did otherwise I would have probs never told anyone in order to spare feelings. So um the mom of the two girls getting baptized on Saturday came up to me and said a lot of really nice sappy things and she started crying and I just didn’t know what to do. Then our other investigator joined in the convo and she threw her arms around me and just started saying all these nice things and how much she’ll miss me and stuff. Meanwhile I’m just standing in the middle of the church hallway not knowing what to do and holding back tears. It didn’t work though lol. Unfortunately some foreign fluid escaped my eyes and I tried unsuccessfully to tell that it was ok and that they can email me and I could try to come to their baptism.

So basically I came to realize that the hardest thing for me in my mission is the people. I truly do love them. AND lol pls don’t be worried about me. I AM OK, and I know that I am following Heavenly Fathers plan, but I just didn’t think that this kind of thing would be an issue for me haha. I have never been super emotional but I feel a lot like the Grinch whose heart grew three sizes. As I am beginning to develop and study more Christ like attributes I can’t help but think about how the Savior feels about each of us. I am worried leaving my investigators because I want to protect, love, and help them. I imagine that every time we choose to “leave” Christ he feels that sorrow and worry for our well-being.

So moral of the story is I am learning a lot, and I know that the Savior truly loves each and everyone of us! I hope this email wasn’t depressing lol. I legitimately am excited to go to my new area and have a new companion!!! I promise!!

Ok bueno, I think that’s all!! Love y’all
Hermana Whitney
P.S. This is my Christmas Card. You are welcome. Happy Holla-Days



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