“Sister Hands”


Wow Lemoore just has the best street art. Pretty neat. From animal to meat!!!






My comp said I look like this lamb. RUDE. I don’t see it.

SO Thanksgiving was AWESOME this week. We played in a turkey bowl with the ward and apparently running for 20 mins every morning has helped my football skillz because I was the MVP Wide Receiver! Haha I think people were just surprised that I had thrown a Football before?? I don’t know but anyways I left with the nickname “Sister Hands”. I hope that doesn’t last… it just sounds weird haha.
We got to eat Thanksgiving at one of our investigators houses ( like one of 4 dinners lol) but She was just SO sweet and excited that we came. Her name is Carla and she is about 60 years old. She has had a rough life and struggle with a lot but the gospel is TRULY  changing her. She calls us her “church girls” and is solid for a baptism on the 23rd of December. SUPER EXCITING!!!
I also got to go on exchanges this week! It is always fun to learn from other missionaries in a different area! Hmm… What else
Oh a slightly drunk man told me that I looked like I was 15 this week?? That was fun. It has been raining kinda a lot and so my companion and I were walking trying to find some apartment and this guy was talking to us and asking us why we do what we do. And what the motive behind it is. It was a pretty cool opportunity to bear testimony. Hopefully, even though I looked 15, the spirit was able to touch him.
I am just pretty grateful to be serving a mission y”all! It’s so crazy how much has changed. I just feel such a great comfort in knowing that even though I’m not the perfect missionary- and that I mess up all the time- that the Savior’s atonement provides a better way. I have the opportunity each and every day to become better and become more like him!
ALSO PSA the church released their new Christmas video #lighttheworld SO PLS look it up ASAP. I challenge each one of y’all to share your light this season. I know that as you do- the focus that you put on BECOMING more like the savior during the holidays rather than just focusing of the traditions of Christmas, that you will be blessed!

Hermana Whitney



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