Happy Thanksgiving


Another great week here in Lemoore CA. Its gotten a lil chiller for sure and I really regret not bringing any cardigans or long sleeves like my mom told me (yes mom, you were right!). But other than that pretty dang good! Let’s see some highlights are:
– A group of youth were guessing my age and one guessed 35 and one guessed 46… SO obviously I need to rethink my minimal wake up and go look lol!!!
-One of the 3 year old boys in my ward told me that I was his best friend and gave me a hug. It was the biggest internal conflict bc I was like “ARRGH DONT HUG ME THATS AGAINST THE RULES” but also he was so sweet, so we settled on high fives!!! And now everytime he sees me he runs up gives me 5 and I give him a sticker. It’s a pretty great relationship!!!
– Our recent convert Natalie that I mentioned last email had us over for dinner this week and her and her brothers were doing like a little dance party and asked me if I knew any move SO obviously I pulled out the lawn mower and sprinkler ( Shout out to my parents for teaching me how to dance;)
-IT RAINED WHILE WE WERE RUNNING THIS MORNING!! That was crazy. And wet. I actually really didn’t enjoy it. I hope I have a sunny Thanksgiving and Christmas!!!!

That’s about it for really “monumental” stuff… I know you were all DYING to hear about that haha. Something else that has been on my mind this week as thanksgiving is coming up is my family. We had the opportunity to teach the Plan of Salvation SEVERAL times this week and I almost couldn’t help but tear up every time I testified to these people that we were teaching. The Plan of Salvation Is truly something that I am SO thankful for, this week, and every other. The knowledge of who I am, why I am here, and where I have the potential to go never ceases to amaze me. I am so grateful for a loving Father in Heaven that loved us SO much that he gave us this knowledge,to help be a light and guide us in this dark and dreary world. The plan of Salvation and the knowledge of Forever Families is why I came on my mission… Every single person deserves to know the JOY and the PEACE that I feel in my life because of this. I know without a doubt that we are all divine and precious children of a loving Heavenly Father and that He intends us all to make it back to him.I love my family SO much and 18 months is not EVER hard when I think about eternity<3

Thank you for all y’alls love and support and I hope you all have some time to reflect and count your blessings this thanksgiving!

Hermana B


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