Anotha one (Baptism)

Natalie’S Baptism 🙂


So this week was pretty awesome! But it didn’t start out that way. My companion threw up and was sick on Tuesday, so we had to stay home because she had a bad fever. I tried to nap but I was getting so BORED so I got up and cleaned and organized our whole house. I didn’t know I was OCD, but I guess when there’s actually time I am? IDK it was weird.

We had an Investigator get baptized on Saturday, so that was awesome! Natalie is 9 and her mom was baptized last June. She was supposed to get baptized then too, but her dad wouldn’t give permission. SO AFTER ALL THESE MONTHS and lots of prayers she was able to be baptized. Her dad is a long time less active and he actually CAME to the baptism and it was like his first time setting foot in a church for over 20 years. It was a day of miracles. Her grandmother was able to come as well. She was just BEAMING!

Speaking of Baptism, our investigator Carla, set a date for Dec. 10th! And we are super excited. We have been reading the Book of Mormon and she will ask a question and then we will say “keep reading” and it says the answer like 2 versus later. ITS AMAZING!!

Oh, also interesting thing this week- We found out its only a 5 week Transfer. Which is CRAZY because it makes it easier for them to transfer us before the holidays. haha oh well.

One cool thing I read this week was the parable of the talents in Matthew and I realized that the servant that gained 5 talents, and the servant that gained 2 talents were both rewarded with the SAME reward from the master. It reminded me that no matter how inadequate we may feel when we compare ourselves to others ( physically, spiritually, mentally, whatever) Our Heavenly Father loves us ALL so much and if we do what he asks to the best of OUR INDIVIDUAL abilities, we will be blessed with the same eternal reward!

Hmm I think that’s it… Have a fab week LOVE Y’ALL <3,
Hermana B

Selfie with Natalie and her siblings
These are the pics from Halloween HAHA. When you have to be home at 5 and don’t have anything else to do, you make mud masks and take pics right?
Some sick art I found downtown on Halloween!!
Latest project. Sis Jeffereies and I cut out every single temple pic from all the magazines we had in our apartment!
Oh we also did Yoga?

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