HOLLA YA GIRL IS OFFICIALLY ONE transfer into the mission #blessup!! I’m so pumped because no one from my district got transferred. President Clark told our district that we have been the most productive in the mission this transfer and so like don’t fix something that’s not broken amirite?!?! SO ya life is pretty dang good here in Cali!!

We have an investigator named Marcos that is THE BEST! He is 55+ and lives alone and works like 3 jobs. He is so awesome about helping me while I speak Spanish and he always complements us on how good we speak the language. We are reading the BOM with him right now and he brings us out an ice cream cone EVERYTIME we go read with him haha. It’s hilarious because we will be like no, we are not hungry and he just keeps insisting that we NEED it otherwise we’ll blow away in the wind. ALSO he laughs at all my jokes!! I have had this collection of Spanish jokes that have been growing since I left on my mission, but when I actually tell them to Hispanic people they think its hilarious bc they don’t expect it!! So that’s how im gaining their trust I suppose 😉

Halloween night was fun haha. We had to park our cars at 5pm and then just stayed home all night. Sister Jefferies had a mud mask and we found a dvd that had some kids learning sign language to music BUT YOU COULD HEAR THE MUSIC so we jammed to that lol. DON’T WORRY they were just primary songs.

SPEAKING OF MUSIC… our mission president just gave us permission to listen to Christmas music (as long as it doesn’t have romantic overtones) SO sister Jefferies and I were able to borrow some CD’s and it’s been AWESOME. Who knew you could get so crunk to “Hark the Harold Angles Sing”??

I also rode my bike for the first time this week!!! That was SO FUN!! Believe it or not I’ve actually been dying to ride my bike… I will admit that figuring out what to do with my skirt was a lil difficult (and sweaty) but I really enjoyed it. Except my helmet didn’t have a buckle BUT thank goodness for safety pins I just safty pinned that lil sucker together and went on my merry way!! I promise it was safe mom!!!

So I was reading in 1st Nephi 17 this week and was just HIT with how faithful Nephi was, in versus 50 and 51 he talks about how many miracles the Lord has granted his family that there is no way the Lord COULDN’T instruct him to build a ship. Anyways I just thought this principle is so applicable… How can the Lord NOT instruct me to be a Missionary or whatever he needs YOU to be. We may doubt ourselves but luckily we don’t have to do it for ourselves because we have a Savior that’s already done it for us and KNOWS EXACTLY how to help us. It’s pretty much amazing and I can’t believe that I get to basically talk about it all day everyday!!!
I guess you could say I’M PRETTY MUCH THE HAPPIEST I HAVE EVER BEEN!!! Thanks for all the prayers, love, and emails. Y’all rock and I’m so thankful for you:)

Hermana Whitney
(LOL Sorry fans, no time for pics this week but don’t worry next week I GOTCHU)


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