Hey playas!! Wishing the happiest of Halloweens to y’all from Sunny Lemoore CA!!

So this week was AWESOME!!! We attended the Fresno temple on Tuesday and it was beautiful! I just love the temple so much:)

We also had 2 of our investigators get baptized this week on the 29th! Peter is 10 and Ana is 14! My area covers the naval base, Riverdale, Stratford, and the spansih speaking people in Lemoore! So we can teach in Spanish wherever but on base, riverdale, and Stratford, we have stewardship over English AND Spanish. So ya just FYI. Their Baptisms went AWESOME and we had so much ward support there it was great! I have loved teaching these kids and watching them grow their relationship with Jesus Christ. It reminded me of the importance of the sacrament and my own covenants that I have made. I’d encourage all of y’all to  think back and ponder on these covenants and make sure that you are doing YOUR part. I always think of D&C 82:10 ” I the Lord am BOUND when ye do what I say,but when ye do not what I say ye have no promise”. If we truly want access to all of the blessings the Lord has in store for us we should do a self evaluation and make sure that we are doing our part!

Hmm what else… Oh we were tracting and knocking doors this week and some guy was totally being weird and asked us to “come inside and chill and have a drink” HAH YEET.

Oh also I LOVE LOVE LOVE this video. We used in in a lesson this week on the commandments please please check it out. “Stay within the lines” by Jeffery R. Holland. IT IS SO GOOD!!

Things are going AWESOME here and I’m just so thankful for the opportunity to serve as a missionary. I love this gospel so much and am SO sad that I’ve already been here for a whole transfer 😦

I think that’s about all I got peeps SO peace out girl scout and Happy Halloween from your fave sister missionary;)
Hermana Whitney



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