Howdy y’all!!! Its gr8 to be back on the emails, sorry I missed ya last week. Last Pday a family took me and the comp to the Zoo in Fresno and we got back pretty late so I only had like 30 mins to email!!! I READ ALL YOUR EMAILS DON’T WORRY but I pretty much only responded to my momma so sorry bout it :/

Guys serving a mission is the best thing I have ever been able to be a part of! I love serving each and everyday and going to bed tired and growing my relationship and faith in my savior Jesus Christ, each and every day!!

So I went on my 1st exchange this week and that was pretty fun! I went to Coalinga, which is even smaller than Lemoore haha. But it was lit. The gal there is an English sister so it was all in ENGLISH which was a breath of fresh air!!

Last Saturday the English Elders in our area had a Baptism that we got to go to, WHICH WAS FREAKING AWESOME!!! Sister Jefferies and I got to do the “halftime show” while everyone was changing so that was a cool opportunity!!

We went to a Trainer and Trainee meeting down in Fresno this week as well which was super cool!! They separated us and asked us what we were struggling with and the whole time I just felt SO DARN LUCKY!! A lot of missionaries struggle with comps, areas, homesickness etc.. and they’re  like “don’t worry it gets better” and I’m like “IT GETS BETTER THAN THIS???” Anyways I love being a missionary and I love Lemoore and my companion and this WEATHER. It’s fall and 70’s its PERFECT and there’s lots of pretty colors I’d say I’m pretty much in heaven!!

OK gots to go, I LOVE ALL Y’ALL

Hermana Whitney

Here are a few pics from the zoo:


What I look like when I get up in the morning
After I get ready for the day 

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