FresNO more like FresYES

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN I AM COMING AT Y’ALL LIVE FROM THE US OF A!!!!!          I made it to Fresno last Wednesday and it has been a roller coaster ride!!!! I don’t have tons of time, but I’ll try to hit the highlights for y’all!!!

So I left the CCM at 2 in the morning to catch our flight that left at 6am.  So that was fun and early haha. The flight was good, we had a lay over in Dallas so it was awesome to see the gr8 state of TX one last time!! We got to Fresno around noon and it was just GO GO GO til that night!!! I met my Mission President- President Clark and his Wife- They are AWESOME!!! Seriously so warm, welcoming, and personable… They made me feel right at home!!! After a quick lunch all the newbies went out and street contacted for a little, it was great! I had a great conversation with an older gentleman named David and was even able to invite him to be baptized ( I know y’all are probably so impressed, so I guess I should tell you it was in English haha) But ya it was a really neat experience!! Later that day I met my trainer sister Jefferies and she is SO AWESOME!!! Our companionship was definitely inspired. She is from TX too so it really doesn’t get much better than that. She has already taught me so much and I can’t wait to learn more from her!

So we are serving in an area called Lemoore CA. Its a lil South of Fresno and it is awesome!! It’s kind of a run down I guess you would say “town”?? We go to trailer parks all the time and there are lots of stray cats and dogs haha but IT’S PERFECT. I love it and I know that I have a purpose in being here right now! So it’s what we call a “zebra” town, which means I’m speaking lots of Spanish BUT also lots of English, there is a pretty good mix. Our ward actually has two English elders too, so it’s pretty fun! We stay really busy, and Hermana Jefferies is exactly obedient and so we really try our hardest to be the best missionaries we can be! We are busy ALL day. We start by waking up at 6:15 and we run for 20 mins, do a plank for 2 mins, and cardio for 10. That’s a mission rule haha, so I guess I better learn to love running!!! Nah jk it’s been a really good way to start the day!!

UGH the people!! They are so awesome! As I have continued developing my own testimony and Christlike attributes, it has been easier to see the people I’m serving as daughters and sons of God, and my brothers and sisters. I sincerely desire to let each and every one of them know how much their Heavenly Father loves them! We have had some great experiences so far.

ALSO I HOPE Y’ALL WATCHED GENERAL CONFERENCE BC IT WAS LIT!!! Pls go check out the highlights of all the talks on if you missed it.  I know their words will bring you blessings on blessings!! I watched a session (all in English) with a new convert, Lupe, and her three kids. Then one session at the church and then one with a less active and one with some really nice solid families from the ward!!! I learned so much, it was amazing !!!
Aight there is like seriously no time but I’LL talk to y’all next week and my Preperation Day is Monday so HMU on the emails!!!!
<3Hermana Whitney

Me and Hermana Jefferies!!! We both are covered in a beautiful glistening sheet of sweat. Enjoy!! ( Or the light of Christ Idk)
My adopted MTC district… the ones who taught me to be a hacky sack queen
My actual district and MTC teacher

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