SEPTEMBER 21, 2016

WOOHOO 4 PDAYS!!!!! I got to talk to y’all last friday, and tbh not much has happened since then but I’ll do my best to try and remember haha.

So not to toot my own horn but Im getting PRETTY FREAKING GOOD at volley ball!!!! I play everyday ( since its the only thing hermanas can rly do) with my comp and some elders from our zone and district and stuff, so thats pretty fun!! Also I discovered a new talent… I’m like a hacky sack queen, an elder from my zone has a hacky sack and we play anytime we have free time or in between stuff so ya if anyone is looking to start a hacky olympic team, look no further, I’m ya girl!!
We had some REALLY great devotionals this week. On Sunday we watched broadcasts of addresses given by David A Bednar and Jeffery R. Holland.
I love all the apostles obviously, but I’m not gonna lie, when those two speak it FEELS like they are speaking to me, no matter the topic. I’ve actually been studying alot on Chirstlike attributes in my personal study and they both talked a little bit on Chritslike Character which is pretty awesome!!
As for the Spanish, honestly it’s coming along really well!!! I can teach all my lessons, carry on convos, and I understand MUCH more than I can say (S/O to duo lingo lol) but ya I know how to say “flex” so i think I’m pretty much set haha.
OH YA I LEAVE TO CALI in 7 days!!! Can y’all believe my 6 weeks are almost up??? Me either, it went by REALLY fast !!! But I’M SO PUMPED to head out to fresno and teach my hermanos y hermanas out there!! Also excited for American food again not gonna lie!! Actually funny story of the week. So we have a tienda here that sells snacks right, and every week I get 120 pesos to spend there on whatever SO yesterday I go and I’M SO PUMPED to buy snacks bc all I eat at the “meals” is toast, so I’M haulin and I grab like loads of stuff that I could snack on for my last week and I go to check out and the cashier was like “OH lots of food, are you having a party?” I laughed and was like “nah just for me lol” so THAT was a lil awk but THEN even worse I found out that they dont give you pesos your last week in the MTC SO I had to return my glorious snacks one by one 😦 But Its all good in the hood, just funny!!
Oh ya also I ran into Jake Lowry from Texas!!! He was in my ward at home and was also my date to a mormon prom so that was fun haha!!! It’s always nice to see a fimiliar face here.
Oh this is my districts last Sunday here so in sacrament meeting we are gonna sing “Come unto Christ” IF U HAVE NOT HEARED THIS SONG LOOK IT UP!! I get chillz EVERY TIME I sing it (and we all know I don’t sing very well, so it must be the spirit 😉
And lets see, I am also basically karate kid. No big deal but I’ve had lots of practice killing mosquitoes and I’m to the point where I can just do it with 1 hand. In 1 try.   Mosquitoes fear me. Haha Jk but really though my hand eye coordination is through the roof right now!!!
Stay Classy
❤ Hermana Whitney
Fav foto w’ my comps cool Polaroid
Peace out CCM and Cali here I come. Fun filters from my camera haha
Just trying 2 take a casual mirror pic and hermana gough be creeping

unnamed-1Me and the squad getting ready to win another point  #STATE


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