How does Moses make Tea? HEBREWS it!!!!!!


Hola mi amors!!!! ITS PDAY AGAIN WOOT WOOT!!!! What a fab week!!! Woow WOW woow so much to do and so much to say, so imma jump right into this…

So after the email time last week we got to go to the temple again, and it was awesome!!! It really is such a beautiful temple. It reminds me of like some aztect or mayan type building, es muy bonito. Oh ya also on the bus ride home I found out the 2 of the elders in my zone were actually in my ward @ BYU. HOW RANDOM IS THAT!!!! None of us recognized each other but somehow we all figured it out so that was fun!!

So we are still teaching our 2 “investigators”, they are really our teachers, but it’s going REALLY WELL!!! Like its funny bc all these exercises and practices we do are fake, but the spirit is SO real!!! I loved learning about inspired questions this week, and realized how important they are. Teaching by the spirit and asking questions that allow the investigators to ponder their importance in CRUCIAL to this work. We committed both  Miguiel and Yesiah to baptism this week with a date so that was gr8!!!
My relief society lesson went really well on Sunday, Probs bc I was allowed to give it in English haha, but that talk that I was telling y’all about “His Grace is Sufficent” I used it ALOT in my lesson and I loved teaching other missionaries bc thier insights are super spiritual and steller!!! It was actually really neat, right after my lesson me and my comp. were walking home and I saw this girl that I felt like I recognized and it ended up that we were at BYU at the same time and had a couple mutual friends. As I was talking to her she told me that it was her 5th day here or so and that she was really having a hard time. I immediately felt prompted to pull out this talk that I just taught on,  and made notes on, and marked up, and give it to her with my testimony. So I gave it to her, hugged her and told her that the Lord loves her and that she was here for a reason, and that was that. But then a few days later I was in the weightroom during gym time (No joke, I’m getting GAINZ) and she comes in and hugs me and says “Thank you so much for coming up to me and giving me that talk, you were an answer to my prayers this week and I know I can do this” or somthing like that. Then she was like ” I gave the talk to all of my roomates to read too” hahah I love the chance I have to feel the promptings of the spirit and that I can act on them. Make sure that y’all listen when he promps you to do or say something, I testify that by doing so you can become an instrument in the Lords hands and better become the son/ daughter he wants you to be!!!!
So Tuesday is Devo night and Costco pizza day so I OBVIOUSLY love tuesday, and this week we had the opportunity to listen to a live devo from the PROVO MTC with  D Todd Cristofferson and it was GREAT!!! He shared the thought that it is better to be trusted, than to be loved. I hope to be a missionary that my comp, mission president, and etc, can trust but more importantly I hope to be a servant the Lord can trust!!! I already know he loves all of us, but does he trust us? By living his gospel and bearing our trials with faith I know that his love and trust will increase in us. I have the unique opportunity to physically represent Christ everyday w/ my name tag so I’m trying each and every day to become a more trustworthy missionary, so that he can trust me with the sacred and important duty of teaching my brothers and sisters in FRESNO CA!!! And I know that through the atonement and Christ´s Grace I CAN AND SO CAN YOU!!!!! This gospel is the best!!!
Um also this week we had our “movie” night with  mormon messages and stuff, but I dozed off towards the end… haha (MOM I PROMISE THAT THIS IS LIKE THE FIRST TIME) but I woke up to my companion and some elders from my zone conspiring to put a mint in my mouth, under direction from MY ZONE LEADERS. #RUDE. Hahah jk esta bien!! I woke up just in time, but I really do love my zone and district, we have a good time!! I was able to ball with them this week so that was sick. And by “ball” I mean knock out bc thats the only thing hermanas can even do lol.  I learned some other games so that was great:) Ya gym time is my fave. I do hit the weightroom and I go running too some days ( I know, SHOCKING) but I love it. GETING SWOLE PHYSICAL AND SPIRITUAL!! I’m also getting some sick tanlines from the mid calf skirts lol. Good lines tan lines!!!!!
Oh ya so the food here isn’t um my taste… so I stock up on snack type food from the tienda here and the protein bars my mom packed me, but it was so funny bc Hermana Harker got this huge packet of snacks from her mom and so I combined my snack pile with hers and we put it in our classroom and Hna. Alanso, our afternoon teacher, literally called us fat haha. Shes really honest with us and tells us to repent all the time too, so it was really funny!!!
Also our branch president, Presidente Suaste,  visited us on Wednesday or something so we were on our way home for the night and we stopped and chatted with him and I was like ” Hey presidente ALVEREZ, wanna hear some good jokes???” I called him by our 1st counselers name and it was SUPER awk and embarrassing bc I was with a bunch of ppl from our zone too YEET. Anyways he was like ” Im not Presidente Alverez, but ya I wanna hear your jokes”. So we got over it and had some laughs, it was just funny lol.
ALSO HIGHLIGHT OF MY WEEK WAS SEEING MY BFF and ROOMIE @ BYU ABBI HERMANA KARREN!!!! She reported on tuesday and I saw her rolling her bags and ran over to squeeze her face off!!! It was SO NICE to see a fimiliar face!! I even get to see her a couple times throughout the day SO ITS FAB!! LOVE THAT GRILL!!! Also I still love my comp, she just is my other half!! We have a good time, but still work hard together. When they changed our sheets this week I came out from the shower and she MADE MY BED!!! SHES THE BEST!!!
OK anyways I think thats it,
Hermana Whitney<3
PS. Also Im getting used to the sound of gun shots while I sleep, kinda concerning:/
Me and the grills at the visitors center
img_0025 Classic comp pic by the CCM welcome sign
Don’t Worry I’m still a thug tho
img_0033 Know any good vets in town? BECAUSE THESE PUPPIES ARE SICK. Y’ALL thought I was lying about my gainz
img_0034More neature. Pretty NEAT 😉

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