SEPTEMBER 16, 2016

HOLLA party ppl!!! Its been a super week and I’M SO PUMPED to be on the emails again, so lets get this party started!!!!!

So this week has been pretty great, WE HAD 3 DEVOS ( broadcasts from the Provo MTC) with member of the 12. Quentin L. Cook, M. Russell Ballard, and D Todd Christofferson. THEY WERE SO GOOD. This gospel really is amazing y’all, and there is NOTHING in the world I’d rather be doing!!!!

My companion got sick this week, so we got to visit the infirmary for the 1st time. It was fun to see the place , but I hope we never have to go back!!!!! I also got a really bad cold this week and sounded like some sorta rapper or somthin but SHOUT OUT to my mom for packing me some essential oils and thx to lots of prayers, I was back on my feet in a couple of days. All thats left is a lil cough, BUT all is good in the HOOD!!

After I emailed  y’all last PDAY my and the comp just played outside all day, or til 6:30 bc thats when Pday ends, but it was way fun!!! I balled it up, just lightning of course bc I’m an hermana, we also played Volleyball w/ some peeps in our zone so that was LIT. I’M GETTING SO MUCH BETTER AT VOLLEYBALL IT’S AWESOME!!! Me and the comp play like everyday during gym time, also hacky sack!!! In fact I’m getting so beast I probs need my fam to send me some kneepads!! We play on a sand court and I dove and TOTALLY wrecked my knees… Like blood everywhere YEET!!!! Good thing no one can see my knees, bless up for calf length skirts and dresses amirite!!!!!

SO I have officially been out for 1 month and MY cute parents surprised me w/ a package I WAS SO HAPPY!!!! They are the best! It was nice to have some other food besides toast to munch on!! I’m not gonna lie to y’all, I have started scooping extra peanut butter and nutella on my plate and eating by the spoonful as a side when I finish my toast… Lets say I’m excited to get back to the states and eat recognizable foods!!!!

Sunday was 9/11 so My comp and I matched RED WHITE AND BLUE!!! Sacrament meeting was SUPER GOOD. My branch pres. talked about D&C 121 and how we choose to face adversity. In this section Joseph Smith is really struggling and says “Oh God where art thou” And ” How long must I endure this…” and The Lord replies in verses 7-9 and says

7 “My son, peace be unto thy soul; thine adversity and thine afflictions shall be but a small moment;
8 And then if thou endure it well, God shall exalt thee on high; though shalt triumph over all thy foes.
9 Thy friends do stand by thee, and they shall hail thee again with warm hearts and friendly hands.”

I love these verses, and I haven’t really hit any hard times yet but I know that it’s not gonna be easy…. But I’m so glad to know that all my “friends” or all of you are right here with me and prayin for me. I feel your prayers and I love y’all SO much!! These verses are just SUCH a great reminder to have an eternal perspective, whatever it is you’re going through right now really IS such a small moment compared to the eternities. SO CHIN UP AND SMILE because you are a child of God and he is looking out for you:)

So my “investigator” ,Yesiah, dropped us this week. She actually dropped all the companionships that were teaching her. Like I know its all fake but it is HEARTBREAKING to see someone gain a testimony and FEEL the spirit with them and then say “Thanks, but no thanks”. I’m proud of us though, we talked about what happened with her and she said her husband really didnt want her to continue with the lessons but the more we asked about how her life has been since she started the lessons, the more she realized how necessary it was. She told us that she does want to continue. So we invited her to talk and to pray with her husband and got her phone number to call her and ask how it went and told her we will stop by again next week. So it stunk, but we handled it pretty well I think.


HMM what else, I got told my spirit animal was a hedgehog by some elder in my zone so there’s that?? I dont even know what that means haha. OH OK SO best part of this week was last night. Its Mexico’s Independence Day and lemme just tell ya, these people have COUNTRY PRIDE!!! Lol I thought I knew about like state pride being from Texas and all, but these people are CRAZY. So 1. they have been celebrating ALL week. There are decorations up all over the CCM. And last night we had a “Fiesta” with all the traditional dances     (They were performers, not us dancing lol) and pledges and stuff that they do!!! IT WAS SICK. It was like a 3 hour shindig and there were fireworks and parties going on all around the CCM last night. I forgot my camera but I’m gonna see if I can get some pics for y’all from another missionary bc YOU JUST WONT BELIEVE IT TIL U SEE IT!!!! I’m talking spotlights, a stage, the costumes, strobe lights, even a live mariachi band, THE WORKS!!

ANYWAYS… Its been a great week and I’m SO excited to get to Fresno in ONLY 12 days PPL. BLESS UP.

Ok I think thats all I got for this week. Missing ALL y’all from Mexico. Have a great week and stay classy!
❤ Hermana Whitney

P.P.S My next PDAY is WEDNESDAY NEXT WEEK bc its my last week so ya. If u wanna talk to me on my PDAY it will be Wednesday:)


img_0053ALL the grillz in the zone on 9/11 Sunday

img_0061Casual selfie FUN

img_0063We found Trumps wall in Mexico??? lol jk We have no idea whats going on in the real world.

img_0076CHEERS to our 1st month, only 17 more to go! (Also thx mom for the makeshift Martinelli’s)


Only  some of the LIT pics from last night haha


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