The CCM Timez

AUGUST 26, 2016


It’s me, Hermana Whitney, I´m alive and well!!!! THX so much for all the love, prayers, and emails. I miss you all!!!! !Ok so you don’t get a PDAY your 1st week here, and so since my PDAY is Friday I had to wait a REAL long time. BUT NO WORRIES I’M HERE NOW AYYEEE!!!!! Y’all lemme just tell ya real quick, how lucky I am. I love being a missionary w/ my whole entire heart and I can’t wrap my head around the fact that I have the opportunity to represent Christ each and everyday.  I have never felt so loved and such purpose. Being a missionary is EVERYTHING I dreamed about and MORE!!! Everyone keeps saying that “It gets better” or “first couple of weeks are always the hardest” but I can’t imagine it getting any better than this. Like TBH the only thing I miss from home is Ice, they dont have ice here:( But its super not a big deal, I’m too busy/happy to even care!!! Okay so I actually have like 0 time to tell y’all stuff so Imma try to hit the biggest points from the last two weeks!!! OKOOK here we go
So traveling to mexico was really good! There were a BUNCH of missionaries on our plane to mexico so I ended up meeting a TUN of ppl from my district/zone etc like before we even got here, which was pretty rad! I hit it off with 1 hermana pretty quick and we ended up being comps- but more about her l8r!!! Being in the CCM is awesome!! They really treat us so well here!!  Everyday is SUPER BUSY like planned down to the last second, but its so great. I am learning so much, and have never ever felt like this before!!! I’m am honestly the happiest I have ever been.  Our “1st” official day here we taught our 1st lesson… IN SPANISH. Honestly it didn’t go too bad. I am so thankful that I was able to take some spanish in school because its really helped me. Also the gift of tongues is so so real.  And I know that as I strive to prepare to teach  both spiritually and physically that my language skills will only improve. The Lord sent us here to learn and to grow and we all have a purpose, I know that I was called to a spanish speaking mission- for a purpose so I feel a burning desire to learn this language so I can invite the people of Fresno to come unto Christ and find peace in him. I also had to pray in sacrament on Sunday so that was fun lol!!!
Lets see oh ya, so on my third night our carbon monoxide alarm went off lol. Luckily it was at like 11 so we were all still pretty awake!!! It was a long night though bc they had a bunch of ppl come in our casa and check it  while all us hermanas just stood outside in our PJS hhaa!! After all was said and done I got to bed around 12:30 so not TOO bad, just funny. Also everyone is so nice here, and they especially are super nice to the hermanas!! Like We get to cut the line and eat first, they hold our umbrellas for us, and just other super nice stuff I’m not really use to. Blessup for being a sister.
UMMM I LOVE MY DISTRICT. They are ppl that I didn’t ever really think I’d be friends w/ at first but I seriously have grown so close to them all. So like 8 of us are going to FRESNO same mish, and then 3 are going to carlsbad CA and then one to TX but ya we have become like way close. My hermanas are LITERALLY my hermanas, and the elders are like all my little bros. We have a bunch of fun together but can turn around real quick and feel the spirit, ITS LIT.  OH BOY!!! mi hermana:)) My comps name is hermana Harker and we are LITERALLY the same person, like we get along SO well. She’s from Draper and did a year at USU before coming out here. Shes going to the Carlsbad CA mission. We call ourselves the “Califonia Grills”  it’s a pretty good time. We have “twinning tuesday” and try to match our outfits even haha. Kinda lame but seriously we have SUCH a good time together. It’s a party.  A couple nights ago she woke me up at 12:30 AM thinking that it was the afternoon and that we had to go. She was like “Why is it still dark” “We need to get going” HAHA anyways good times.
IT RAINS SO MUCH. At least like once everyday. I carry my raincoat and umbrella w/ me AT ALL TIMES. It gets so bad that the streets will flood and have huge puddles. So ya walking in  sandle-y type shoes in flooded street is NOT berry fun. I’m glad I brought lotz of shoes though bc usually I just pick the dry ones hah!! I wish I could take a pic to show yall but we are only allowed to use our cameras on PDAY. BUT DON’T WORRY I know y’all were probs just DYING to see my sweaty lil face so I squeezed in a couple of pics before email time;)
Also the food is not my fave. Luckily my mom hooked me up w/ some protien bars(gotta get gainz)  b4 I left so I’m not starving or anything! Plus they have a lil store here that has lots of good snacks!! And Hermanas get 120 pesos a week Elders only get 100 haha #blessed. I also LOVE GYM TIME!! We dont get that long to exercise but its way fun. I ran a mile a couple of days ago, our district plays volley ball all the time and so its really fun. Its really sad though bc Hermanas aren’t really allowed to play anything with elders. The rule is “no contact” so that’s soccer, ultimate frisbee, football, and BASKETBALL. BALL is life and a couple elders in my district love playing so I’m sad when I can’t play with them. I did convince a bunch of ppl to play lightning though so that was fun (I won;) !!! But it’s all good, rules are there for a reason so I dont really mind!
OK PEEPS gotta blast

-Hermana Whitney

Casual selfie at breakfast
Casual selfie at breakfast
The district!! AWK poses  FOR DAYYYYSS (bc Hermanas)
The district!! AWK poses FOR DAYYYYSS (bc Hermanas)
The View
The View!!!

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